February 26, 2020
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Zakk Fitmate Z1 Best Fitness band under 1500.




 ZAKK earphones launched its new category of sound products in India. This brand is Committed to deliver the consumer a breath of fresh air each time with its premium technology available at pocket friendly prices ZAKK earphones has come up with new category of Fitness bands(zakk fitmate z1),Speakers,earbuds and many more.

The brand which was founded in the middle-eastern market entered India early this year and is growing its consumer base each day. ZAKK believes in making aspirational and premium technology easily available to everyone irrespective of their location or income.

Website – Zakklife

Zakk Fitmate Z1.

In a market where approx hundred companies are manufacturing Fitness bands like Fitbit,Xiaomi , It will be tough for Zakk to place its Fitmate Z1 fitness band but as Zakk is providing them at a well price , the game could be changed.

Zakk fitmate z1

Considering the design

Zakk fitmate z1 Zakk fitmate z1

Zakk Fitmate Z1 is purely made of silicon rubber which gives it a premium look as well as a nice and comfortable feel during wearied, it almost looks similar to the Fitbit ‘s Alta HR with a rubber band holding a display made of  acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.Which makes it shock resistant.

Fitmate Z1’s simple but sleek design makes it wearable for Mens as well as womens.It is also compatible for rash or rough use.

Talking about the Features 

Zakk fitmate z1

Fitmate Z1 packs an OLED touch display which have a 128 X 64 of resolution coupled with backlight that makes it a disgital band and abilities like Bluetooth connectivity(4.0) which means it can directly connect to your phone or other device wirelessly, this band is also capable of tracking your live motion while you are working out that means it can count the calories that you loose throughiut the day ,It also count steps and distance throughout the day. It has alarm clock and sleep monitoring system which also indicates your deep sleep. It has unique feature of move alert through which you will alarmed if you are sitting or standing for too long and one exceptional thing in this price range is that it is wtaer resistance that means you can wear it under water well this is exception too.


This band packs a 75 Mah rechargable Lithium-Polymer Battery which takes approx 1 hour and could run for almost 360 hours.


Zakk fitmate z1 Zakk fitmate z1

Zakk fitmate z1

Fitmate Z1 comes in 3 colors that are Black,Dark Blue and Flaunt Red.which is not allot.


Fitmate Z1 is available to IOS 7.0, Android 4.3 And Above with an app named Fitmate which is available at Play-store and App-store.


Fitmate Z1 is only 55 grams in weight so it will be almost weight-less in your hands but still it is alot heavier than FItbit Alta Hr having 22 grams of wightage only.


the company gives you 6 month of warranty and to acces it you have to visit to the nearest authorized service centre. The warranty covers only the band itself not the accesories sent with it.

At last we conclude that at the price range of 1400 this is the best fitness band available out there.

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