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ZAKK earphone launched its new sound products in India – Zakk Blaze, Zakk Sports


                 ZAKK earphones launched its new category of sound products in India. This brand is Committed to deliver the consumer a breath of fresh air each time with its premium technology available at pocket friendly prices ZAKK earphones has come up with new category of headphones and bluetooth speakers comprising 9 products.

Website – Zakklife



The brand which was founded in the middle-eastern market entered India early this year and is growing its consumer base each day. ZAKK believes in making aspirational and premium technology easily available to everyone irrespective of their location or income.

At the category launch  ZAKK earphone unveiled – ZAKK Sport, ZAKK Air, ZAKK Blaze, The Party, ZAKK Lounge, ZAKK Flex, ZAKK Twins, ZAKK Hunter & ZAKK Venom.

I have personally attended its launch events and experienced each and every products listed above. All the products were so premium and my first impression over these products were so positive. Specially the ZAKK blaze and zakk sports.


Talking about the available products of Zakk in indian market which is Zakk Firefly you could buy these wireless sports earphone from, this wireless earphone of zakk was pretty impressive and it has a glowing wire which makes it really different and eye catchy. Talking about its sound quality which was great for its price point of INR 1500. So if you are looking for a wireless earphone you  can surely give it a try.

Buy Now – Zakk Firefly

ZAKK blaze     ZAKK blaze


  • ZAKK Sport Next product in our list is Zakk Sports.  This is a wireless bluetooth earphone, which is very premium in build quality and use. It produce great sound quality and offers some premium comforts while using. It will cost only INR 999. Which is truly worth of money product. Even if you compare it with other Bluetooth earphones of brands like JBL, Sound magic or Xiaomi its neither losing nor wining winning in terms of quality and sound its producing. But if you compare in terms of price Zakk Sports is a true champ. For me its highly recommended. ohh i forget to tell you but its water proof too.

        Buy Now  – ZAKK Sport


ZAKK blaze ZAKK blaze

ZAKK blaze ZAKK blaze


  • ZAKK Air –  This earphone is specially designed for athletes or for gym timing or exercise timing. You can enjoy music while running or anything sporty. This price of Zakk Air is announced at INR 1999, Which is decent and for me its good just because the quality its offering the product seems to be a good buy but if you wanted to buy it you need to wait a little bit cause company claims that it will available to buy on amazon or another e-commerce website in couple of months. Zakk which is a brand of UAE, is famous for there premium products and they are planning to capture indian market with there good range of products at a affordable price. The same earphone’s price is about Rs. 3500 in dubai. so now you can actually imagine there hard work and efforts for indian customers.


ZAKK blaze

Key specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10 – meter Bluetooth connectivity range
  • Battery capacity 3.5V/100 mAh
  • Play time approximately 5 hours
  • Charging time approximately 2 hours
  • Built in mic


  • ZAKK Blaze – These are the very premium wireless headphone from Zakk earphone, Its superb in look and very eye catchy. It produces some awesome sound quality. For now its about to come in indian market Its completely made up of metal and its price is very very affordable as company claims that it’s going to launch at the price of INR 2499. Which makes its a worth and best buy. When i personally experienced this headphone i feel the real music, the beats, the vocals was completely balanced and perfect. Just a cons. was its weight but if you are using headphones from very long time then you will not feel the extra weight. Anyways i will update the buying link when the headphones will available to buy.

ZAKK blaze


  • ZAKK Twins – This is very special product from Zakk. Its truly wireless earphones. Which will make you feel the real comfort with no wire. The design of these truly wireless earphone is so premium and its ear hooks are made up of rubber material. You Just have to simply connect Zakk Twins With your phone and you are ready to go. Its Also water proof so it will be more confortable.  Very soon it will be available to buy and i will update the buying link when the headphones will available to buy.


ZAKK blaze    ZAKK blaze


  • ZAKK Venom –  Zakk Venom is a 3.5mm Wired earphone, Its coming with a really special and impressive design. Which is its Earhooks. It has a flat wire, which is tangle free. Price was not revealed at the event but i think it will cost around INR 699 approx. Whenever i will get any leak or unit of any of the Zakk product i will let you guys know about it.


ZAKK blaze ZAKK blaze


  • Speakers – Speakers was also launched and all of them was  very loud and clear in sound quality as they were bluetooth speakers. As these speakers are about to launch very soon.


ZAKK blaze



ZAKK blaze


Party 4



So Thats It for this Article. these are the upcoming products from Zakk earphone. For me all of them are really good and premium products and price is very nice and affordable. I hope Zakk earphone will be a game chnager with its products, just they need to advertise there products alot as very few people knows about this brand in india and its a tough competition over brands like JBL, Sound Magic and Xiaomi .


Thanks for Reading


– Saaquib Neyazi

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