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Xiaomi Mi 6X’s Leaked Specs and Roumours.

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Xiaomi Mi A2 (or 6x)

Now Xiaomi in India has made its monopoly in such a way that every phone release is just like a festival in India. Xiaomi has already released a lot of phones but it never stops to expand its collection and Xiaomi also has some Ruby stones in its collection that had performed magnificently in the Indian market. One of that such stones was the Xiaomi A1 which is among the most popular smartphones in India, combining decent performance with stock Android UI For those unaware, last year’s Mi 5X made its way to Indian shores as the Mi A1 and this time Xiaomi has been tipped to launch its Mi 6x which apparently could be the Xiaomi Mi A2 for India with some awesome specs as well as a mood catching camera. A listing on China’s TENAA organisation gave us a taster, but it looks like all the major specs have now been uncovered.

The information comes via XDA-Developers, which got its hands on the device’s firmware files. The Xiaomi Mi 6X looks like a notable power upgrade over its predecessors, the Mi 5X/Mi A1, thanks to a Snapdragon 660 chipset (compared to the predecessor’s Snapdragon 625). Xiaomi A2 (or 6x) is also been rumored to feature an 18:9 display at 2160×1080 resolution.The information has also been leaked that this phone will be avail to us in 2 varients with different Rams and Storage likely most of the other phones by  Xiaomi. Mi A2 or Mi 6x will be available with 4GB to 6GB RAM, 32GB to 128GB of storage


The photography department also seems like it has received an upgrade, featuring a 12MP and 20MP f/1.8 dual camera combination. By comparison, the Mi A1 offered two 12MP shooters (f/2.2 and f/2.6). The new device won’t have a telephoto lens, but it’s believed to feature a Portrait Mode. Looking at the front of the phone and you would find a 20MP f/2.2 camera sensor which will be followed by a dual tone flash.

Operating System and UI

If we talk about the platform this phone will run on the latest android 8.0 oreo and will be touched up with MiUi 9.1. But if the phone leaves China it might have Android One as its platform.

It has also been mentioned the past that unlike many of the new mid-range options, the Mi 6X is not likely to come with a notch design.


As for a release date? Xiaomi has sent out invites for an April 25 event in China, which suggests that we’ll see the device then.

Another possibility is that we could see the Mi 7 being revealed — either on its own, or alongside the Mi 6X. The Mi 6 was launched in April 2017, so the time is right for a follow-up.We can probably rule out a new entry in the Mi Mix range, as the Mi Mix 2s has just launched and the main Mi Mix devices tend to be launched in the second half of the year.

So this was the article over Mi 6x which will be named as Mi a2 in India,

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