February 26, 2020
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Xiaomi flash sale black marketing is not good for indian economy

xiaomi flash sale

Indian’s favorite mobile company Xiaomi is covering the indian smartphone market very rapidly, after every launch of Xiaomi smartphone they create a new record of selling, pre-booking or registrations for xiaomi flash sale. People of India are going crazy to buy latest smartphone from xiaomi. This mobile brand is truly legend in terms of features they offer in their smartphones with a worth to buy price. I love using Xiaomi smartphone. Xiaomi devices have all the great quality i agree, but if they are unable to deliver this quality to their consumer then what’s the benefit of there excellent smartphones?? So in this article I will let you know how xiaomi smartphones are not good for Indian economy and how they are promoting stuffs like black marketing and fraud in India, through xiaomi flash sale.

• Buying Option

  There are two different ways from which you can buy a xiaomi device. First one is from authorized shop of xiaomi, popularly known as Mi Home and second one is through xiaomi flash sale.

• Mi Home (Offline)

xiaomi flash sale


First one is Mi Home, means offline option yes you can buy a xiaomi device from offline. You can find Mi Home in you locality. These are offline authorised xiaomi smartphone malls, but it’s nearly impossible to find latest smartphone in Mi home but if you are ready to waste your 5-6 hours in queue of Mi Home with so called Mi Fans you can get a Xiaomi smartphone.

•  Xiaomi flash sale (Online)

Now talking about the second way to buy a Xiaomi Smartphone is flash sale and It’s really hard to buy a Xiaomi device from flash sale, not everyone is lucky to have a xiaomi phone because of its typical flash sale purchasing option. Flash sale is a convenient way, but now days when demand for xiaomi devices are quite higher, it’s getting really hard to buy from flash sale. So what you have to do, You need to register for flash sale before flash sale then at the time of flash sale you need to book a xiaomi device on the given time of flash sale, this process seems really easy but it’s not and this flash sale is the main reason behind the black marketing. Black marketing sellers buy all the phones with the help of technical tricks, good internet connection and huge number of people who particularly book Redmi phones for them. These sellers even have contacts with delivery boys. So it’s kind of a pre planned circle of selling xiaomi phones.

 • Black Marketing

xiaomi flash sale

Credit – @techdimpu on twitter

   Black marketing is taking place because of high demand of Xiaomi device, when a normal buyer try his luck to buy xiaomi device but he is unable to buy from anywhere, he will approach mobile shopkeepers, OLX mobile sellers or even some fraud people. The most famous black marketing source is mobile shopkeepers, they will charge an extra sum of 1000-2000 rupees addition to the general price of device and consumers have to pay that. If you are thinking how these shopkeepers are getting lots of xiaomi devices, they actually target students from Facebook groups and offer them sum of money like 300-500 for booking of 1 unit, and they actually pay then in terms of making good relation with these students, so they can book mobiles for them again and again. That’s how the circle of black marketing is working in India. Which is not good for indian economy.

• Solution

Only Xiaomi can solve this problem, because its totally depends upon xiaomi. How they wanted to sell there smartphone in India. Xiaomi should respect there customers and high popularity of there brand in India. My suggestion to solve this problem. First of all xiaomi should start selling there smartphone in offline markets through there authorized Mi Home offline shop. Xiaomi should provide units in huge number to there online and offline sellers before launching their smartphone in India and stop there traditional way of selling through xiaomi flash sale, this is the only way that can manage to solve this problem of black marketing of xiaomi device. So that’s it for this article, share this article so any xiaomi official can read it and apply some changes.

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