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Top Five Trusted Chinese Websites for shopping without worry : Techoob

All of us know about Chinese products and these products are becoming very essential part of our life. The whole world is using Chinese products because these products are always worth to buy, cheaper than other products available in our county, innovative products and sometime no other substitute are available for these products. Currently the most easiest and convenient way of shopping is online shopping. We just have to place order and receive product at door step but if i talk about shopping internationally, you can immediately think of Chinese websites and these websites offer great products at a really impressive price. But these websites don’t offer you cash on delivery option, which is most secure way to shop online because your will pay when you receive product, also you need to look for trusted chinese websites before shopping and these are the reason why we have to think twice before shopping internationally. 

    Many people from different part of the world, complained about fraud and defective products when they bought products from Chinese website. The reason of fraud can be like – Bad courier service, fake seller, custom issues, product loss/stolen, bad service of your local post and many more, but at the end consumer have to pay for it. That’s the reason, why many people afraid while shopping from Chinese websites and this is normal. So in this article I will point out top five trusted Chinese websites from where you can buy products without any worry. You can also check out five simple tips before buying from Chinese websites.

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 Top 5 trusted Chinese websites

1. Ali Express – First website on my list is Ali express, it’s a body of Ali baba group and they have really large market place all over the world. They are doing a really great job while offering products and services to the consumer. There is an application of Ali express is also available and you can use this mobile application for more offers and simple shopping experience. For offers you can checkout our offer page. 

trusted chinese websites
AliExpress ( Trusted Chinese Websites )

Link –

  On Ali express there are huge number of different-different seller so you will found different prices for the same product. Suppose if you wanted to buy a product from Ali express then you can simply message to the seller of that particular product and you can ask nearly everything about the product, deliver, offers, buyer protection, discount and many more. So if you are going to purchase something don’t forget to check out five simple tips before buying from Chinese websites.



  • Great Variety of products.
  •  Lowest price.
  •  Buyer Protection.
  •  Live Chat and Seller chat.
  •  Dispute against sellers
  •  Lot’s of offers
  •  Freebies and coupon codes


2. TomTop – Second trusted Chinese websites in my list is TomTop, it is a China based e-commerce website with great variety of products on a worth buying price. TomTop have diffent different warehouses around the world and this website is committed to provide good product and really fast delivery. 

trusted chinese websites
Tomtop (Trusted Chinese Websites )
Link –
I have personally experienced TomTop and the delivery of this website is very fast. You can find best buying prices of products like Gimbal, RC Toys, Drones and earphones on TomTop. 
  •  Low Price
  •  Super fast delivery.
  •  Special price on Gimbal, Drone, RC Toys and Earphones.
  •  Live chat.
  •  Fast reply on email help
  • Amazing offers
3. Banggood – So the next trusted Chinese websites on my list is banggood. This website is all rounder, they are committed to provide there best price and banggood is a perfect competitor of Ali express. The problem with this website that they don’t have a really large variety of products. Banggood prefer to sell branded products. Maximum time all the brands are exclusively from China. 
trusted chinese websites
Banggood (Trusted Chinese Websites )
    If you are willing to buy a new smartphone you can check the prices on banggood once. You can find lot’s of sales and offer here and good prices on mobile phones. All the products from Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Mavic, JBL and other brands are easily available here.
  •  Best Price on mobiles
  •  Flash Sales
  •  Branded Products
  •  Every single Xiaomi product.
  •  Affordable prices
4. Gearbest – This is the next big name in the list of trusted Chinese websites. Gearbest is very good and trusted website. The thing I like about gearbest is it’s service and super fast delivery. Gearbest nearly sell all the products and you could found best price of small gadgets and accessories on Gearbest. It has large variety of watches, mobiles, laptops and smart watches. 
trusted chinese websites
Gearbest (Trusted Chinese Websites )
Gearbest is famous for it’s best price on Laptop, mobiles and watches. This website is very common as banggood, which means you can find flash sales and branded products here.
  •  Fast Delivery
  •  Cheap accessories 
  •  Best price on Mobile, Laptop and Watches
  •  Simple Interface of website 
  • Good service for affiliates
5. RC Moment – This is my favorite and most trusted website. If you are looking to buy drones, quad copters, RC Toys and other flying toys like Helicopter, Planes and many more, than you can simply buy them from RC moment. But before buying drones from RC moment, please do check that if your government allows general public to fly drones. 
trusted chinese websites
RCmoment (Trusted Chinese Websites )
RC moment is basically a party of tomtop website that I have mentioned earlier and as per my knowledge both the website have same owner. The service of RCmoment is so awesome, if your country’s customs don’t allow drones, RC toys and many other things. No problem RC moment have great sources and the package style of RC moment is simply great, that even customs could not identify the drones in the package. So you can get your drones easily at your door step. if I take example of my country India.  Drones are completely banned here but if someone from India ordering drones on RC moment, amazingly they were getting there parcel at door step but I still consider ordering drones is a kind of taking risk because you never know when custom can identify your drones. I will prefer if your country don’t allow drones then don’t buy it but on the other hand you can also take chance with Rc moment. 

So this was my 5 super trusted Chinese website whom you can believe. I also recommend that before placing an order do check out 5 simply tips before buying buying from Chinese websites. 
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