Tesla model 3 price in US

Today we are going to talk about the expeditious model 3 of Tesla and its price in the US. The model 3 is all electric luxury compact executive sedan which is a  4 – seater. The model 3 is available from July 2017. It is the car which is built by Tesla with the third generation platform. Today, however, just a year after a slow start in production, Tesla has reached the milestone of 100,000 Model 3 vehicles produced. It’s an important milestone for Tesla, which is transitioning from a relative niche automaker to a monopolist auto manufacturer with the Model 3. The Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. The has every model in electric versions. Tesla is well positioned to capture that demand of the world’s biggest battery factory and the sales with the knowledge of the EV industry.The model 3 range is 310 mi and the acceleration of 3.5 s from 0-60 mph with AWD The model 3 range is 310 mi and the acceleration of 3.5 s from 0-60 mph with AWD. The metal structure body makes it so strong that it can withstand a load of 3 times its mass. The car has 2 independent motors for 2 different shaft. The mile range of the car is 310. There is 10000+ location for charging in the US. The car has 360 degree of visibility and 250 m of forwarding facing radar 12 ultrasonic sensors. The car has a large 15-inch infotainment system which provides many seamless features like opening the door and opening the boot as well as the infotainment system. The car has autopilot system which comes in handy while driving on a long journey.

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The model 3 is priced at 35000$ which is the starting price of the model whereas the highest model could cost you 78000$ which is double the price of the base model. The base model doesn’t have the autopilot feature.

“A Model 3 with a $35,000 price will be the rarest of the rare,” said Kevin Tynan, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst. Tesla said in February a dual motor version would come at midyear and a standard battery pack would be available in late 2018 which will cost you around 78000$. The car is luxurious in its segment but it is a little bit overpriced as compared to petrol and diesel cars.

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