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If you always wished to have a pet but couldn’t because of bathroom break responsibilities, this is for you. Sony has taken a remarkable step towards future, The future is now! is what Sony is saying in the voice of a pup. Sony has announced a super smart and intuitive robot dog, Aibo. Sony has launched Aibo in past but this is a major incremental update. This time Aibo is a masterpiece of AI. The original prototype of Aibo was revealed in 1998, and since then Aibo is back with major cosmetic or functional upgrades. Aibo means companion in Japanese and the abbreviation stands for Artificial Intelligence Bot.SONY AIBO ROBOT 2018


Aibo can react and perform tasks with its AI capabilities it can react to your commands such as GOOD BOY, WELL DONE, BAD BOY, STOP IT etc. Plug the charger in the room and forget about the battery of Aibo, just like a regular dog it can take naps! well by naps I mean, it can sense the battery is low and can walk to its charging station by itself and will get back to you once fully charged. Aibo is based on superfine engineering for movements, its actions to describe its feelings when you touch it by dedicated sensors on its body, it can take photographs from the camera inside its nose, it can obey you like AIBO SIT, SHAKE HANDS or simply play the bang-bang game with Aibo in which it can play the role of dying pup very very well. You can get Aibo for $3000 but the package doesn’t include only the pup itself, you will get the bone which Aibo can fetch if you ask him to, or you can ask Aibo to play with the pink Ball like *KICK THE BALL AIBO*.

Pink is his favorite in case you were curious. Aibo is smart and intuitive with its owner, it responds to touches like if you touch to his chin he will smile or if you pat his back or scratch his head he will react to it. It also got an app to control it’s personality tactics, it will be out soon!

This is a legit talented dog, it can act, sing, fetch, dance for its owner so you can fulfill all your crazy desires with your pets. Ever desired to control your real dog like your dog CHOP in GTA V through a mobile application? This can make your desire to be true.

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