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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Leaked images & specification 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 is in leaks nowadays. The phone which is going to be first flagship of 2018 and its getting so much hype. Mobile manufacturer Giant Samsung is all set to launch it’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+. It is said to be in leaks that Galaxy S9 will be launch in MWC 2018.


  •  Launch Date

According to the leaks  Samsung is going to launch its next flagship in Feb 2018. It’s launch event will take place in Mobile World Congress 2018. MWC is a heaven for all the mobile manufacturer and Giant Brands of Mobiles like Samsung, Apple and Nokia could not miss the chance to launch their phones. So this time Samsung is coming with S9|S9+.My Dear Samsung fans get ready to welcome a new family member of Samsung Flagship devices.


  • Specification of Galaxy S9|S9+

All the Specification of Galaxy S9 & S9+ is leaked still am not completely sure about these leaks some of them could be change like am expecting a 8 GB RAM variant mobile from Samsung but according to leaks Samsung S9 & S9+’s  higher variant have 6GB RAM. So without further delay let’s straight into the leaked specification.


  • Display


Just like the bezel less oled display of Last year launched S8. The upcoming S9 & S9+ will also have the same infinity Edge display. But this time the bezels will be slightly smaller than the Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus.

  • RAM Management and Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launch in 2 variants 4 GB RAM & 6 GB RAM with 128/& 256 GB of internal storage respectively. But the Samsung Galaxy S9+ will launch in only one variant which is of 6GB RAM and 128/256 GB internal storage. Talking about the processor so the company claims that S9 and S9+ is coming with latest Snapdragon 845 processor which is world’s strongest processor for mobile phones. Surprising both the phone includes a 3.5mm jack, which is definetly a really good move by Samsung.



  • Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Leaked images & Specification

The Galaxy S9 will have a single tone camera while S9+ is coming with Dual Rear Camera. This time Samsung is repositioning it’s camera in the centre of both the devices. Talking about the front camera, so both the phone will have a dual front camera with wide angle selfie option. Fingerprint reader and  heart rate sensor will also place along with cameras.


  • Battery

This time Galaxy S9 will have bigger batter, meanwhile it will have 200mAh bigger battery than S8, and of course it is coming with fast charging 3.0 and wireless charging technology. Just Stay tune for more information because battery leaks of S9+ is not confirmed or even leaked.



  • Extra

  • No Fingerprint sensor under the display is coming as expected.
  • Headphone jack will remain there. ( Such a good decision )
  • Camera Flash is also Repositioned.
  • Infinity display have small bezels.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ will be 20%-30% faster than S8.

So That’s it, all the leaks I have I have ,mentioned there I hope you like it and if you are using it somewhere don’t forget to give credit.



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