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Realme U1 Box Leaked by Technical Guruji Tweet

Realme U1 Box Got Leaked by Technical Guruji. It is accidentally leaked or its a marketing strategy?

Two days back Realme and Amazon officially announced the launch date and featured specifications for Realme U1. Since then we started to received lots of rumours about the upcoming Specification, design and camera. But every single content was based on the assumption of creator because Realme never announced any of them from official source.

Now in a recent tweet by Technical Guruji, who is very popular Tech YouTuber of india. He accidentally or may be by a marketing strategy leaked the box of Realme U1. Here is the images that he shared on his twitter handle.

Realme u1 box
Credit – Technical Guruji Twitter

In this pic he tried to portraits lots of boxes full of surprises for his followers and subscribers, as he tried to say in the caption “Coming Soooon #TG10Million”.

Now, If you notice at the right side of image a blue box with Realme new logo and branding of Realme U1 at the front and side is noticible very easily. This is the box of Realme U1, whitxh is now leaked with a very standard marketing strategy, because last time we already seen Technical Guruji was associated with Realme for the launch of Realme 2 Pro (Read Full Review of Realme 2) and Live unboxing at the same event. He is indirectly but the part of the campaign for Realme U1.

So the first impression of box is finally here, and no doubt this was a marketing strategy of Realme to keep the hype for the upcoming phone up in the air.

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So that’s it for this article, stay tuned to Techoob for more Tech News.

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