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Realme 2 Review: Great Package with Premium Design

It has been almost 3 weeks since am using Realme 2, and this is the best time to write a Realme 2 review. So, Realme a brand which came to the Indian smartphone market around 6 months ago, and in this short period of just 6 months, they have already achieved millions of users and trust. The first smartphone from Realme was Realme 1, which was a great smartphone at the price point of 9000.

Talking about Realme 2, which was launched at the same price point, starting from INR 8,990. Realme 2 is not a successor of Realme 1, so you can compare both the phones on the same note, and consider to buy which one you wanted to.


Realme 2 is available in 2 different variants of 3GB+32GB, and 4GB+64GB. The base variant will cost you ₹8,990, and 4GB RAM variant will cost you ₹10,990. At this price point, Realme 2 have a direct competition with Asus Zenfone Max Pro m1, Redmi S2, and Oppo A3s. Realme you are exclusively available on Flipkart.

Know More – Realme 2 Pro Specification

In-the-box Contain-

Watch the Unboxing here-

Build & Design-

The most interesting and favorite part of the Realme 2 is its design, I really love the design of Realme 2. It’s coming in 3 different color options. Red, Black, and Blue. All the colors are really beautiful, because of the shiny diamond cutting design on the glass like fiber material at the back. My favorite color is the blue one, which will available to buy from the first week of October. The red color variant also looks very premium, the diamond design is perfectly visible on the surface. The Black color is evergreen.

realme 2

The phone is fully made of the high-quality plastic material, which drastically decreases the weight of the device to 168 grams. The phone feels very premium in hand, and it definitely not look like a device worth 9000 INR. So, if you the one who really cares about design and looks, Realme 2 is a perfect phone for you. Even I like to have beautiful phones too. That’s why Realme 2 is my favorite design phone.

The screen-to-body ratio is 81.2% here, because of Notch display the phone looks very premium and futuristic. because of the notch, the screen to body ratio is pretty high here, which makes it the cheapest phone with notch and a full-view display. This thing is really impressive in this price bracket.


Mobile is featuring a huge 6.2inch HD+ display, with 720×1520 screen resolution. For the protection, it has Gorilla Glass 3 on the front, which extend the build quality to a next level. It can easily survive the 6-7ft drop. Still, I will suggest you use a tempered glass, the company is providing a screen protector with the device which is pre-applied. Keeping the technical specification aside, my real-time experience was great. Its display is so beautiful, the colors are very accurate and bright. Also, the Colour OS is featuring some options like Night Shield to optimize the battery life and give users are a great experience to use the phone during night time. You can use the device, on a bright sunny day also, it has no such problems like low visibility under sunlight. Also, the viewing angles are great. So watching videos on the big display of 6.2inch is so much entertaining here.

realme 2 review

At this price point, the display is acceptable, and you can’t really complain. Lots of people will say, it’s an HD+ display, whereas, at the same price point, Realme 1 is offering Full HD+ display. The reason is Snapdragon 450 Chipset, which is not a chipset for high-graphics gaming, So during gaming users will not face lots of frame drop, and lags because of HD+ display, it will use fewer pixels to help chipset performs better. Users will have to face less frame drop while playing high-end games. This was a clever move by Realme.

Camera –

Talking about the camera, Realme 2 is featuring Dual-Rear camera of 13MP+2MP, with a f/2.2 aperture in the main camera of 13MP. Secondary camera of 2MP will help the primary camera to capture bokeh mode, and detail photos with color accuracy. On the front side, it has an 8MP selfie camera, with a f/2.2 aperture.

realme 2

Talking about my experience with Realme 2 camera. It takes a decent amount of detailed images, but the quality and color reproduction is great here. Realme 2 has a slightly improved camera than Realme 1  Check out the sample image. During Day Light the camera quality is amazing, and the colors are so punctual, and bright. Which looks so beautiful. AI Camera engine is working great here.

Camera Interface-

As we all know, Realme was a sub-brand of Oppo, but last month Realme officially announced that both the brand has been separated. Still, Realme has some affected genes of Oppo, likewise, the selfie camera of Realme 2 selfie camera captures Soft-Lighting selfies automatically with very less amount of details. But, the overall images look pretty good, and selfie lovers will love it for sure.  The colors are so punctual, and bright. Overall the output looks very beautiful, and acceptable.

realme 2 review

Talking about the Rear-camera, the portrait shots from Realme 2 is good, and the best thing is they don’t look so artificial. Other than, the images lack quality. The same camera specifications are present in Asus zenfone max pro (3GB) but the amount of details in zenfone is a lot higher than Realme. But, realme easily beats Asus in color composition and modified beautiful images. Realme is using AI engine in the camera, which drastically improves the camera performance.

You will also get to see, some AI Stickers present in the camera, which is influenced by the oppo camera interface. An option of time-lapse is there too, which shoots a great quality time-lapse videos. The Quality of videos from Realme 2 is good enough, but not great. The stability is totally based on your hand, meanwhile, It depends on you, how you handle the camera while recording videos.

Camera Features-

The camera is featuring a 2x zoom button too, but it doesn’t have any telephoto lens. So, during the 2x zoom, the quality will lose a bit. During daylight, it takes good quality images, with lots of details and punctual color. I won’t say, it takes natural and accurate colors but they are near to the original one. The AI Engine enhances it to look good. It has HDR mode too, with auto HDR. It has panorama features too, to capture some amazing scenery.

Camera samples- (Click Here) Google Drive

Battery –realme 2 review

Realme 2 is featuring a massive battery of 4230mAh, which gives a great battery life of around 2 days on normal usage. On heavy usage, this battery can last up to 1 day very easily. While using Realme 2, I don’t have any second thoughts to think about the battery life.

Screen-on-time of Realme 2 was around 8Hours and 20 mins after the full charge. Which is great, I am using Realme 2 as a primary device, am playing heavy games like PUBG, Hitman. Watching videos on YouTube, and other social media stuffs. By the way, You can follow us on Facebook for tech updates. Talking about charging time, Realme 2 is coming with a big charging adapter, still, it is not a fast charger. It has 5V 2A ratings. It takes around 1hours and 50mins to fully charge your device. Which is impressive, and quite fast in comparison to other phones with around 3000mAh battery.


In the context Realme 2 review. the performance is the most confusing thing to talk about because the performance of a device can change over time. Realme 2 is not a phone for performance freaks. I don’t think this is the right words for Realme 2 performance, because the overall all performance of Realme 2 is great at this price point. For on-paper reference, the device is featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC. It is an octa-core processor, which is equally powerful as Snapdragon 625. But, Snapdragon 625 can deliver better performance while gaming, other than better display, camera optimization, and Dual Volte support are available with Snapdragon 450.

Heating Issue 

As you all know, Realme 2 pro is made up of fiber material, which is a high-quality plastic material, and this thing is helping the device to overcome the heating issue. During my test, the phone heats a bit during charging which is normal for a phone that costs only INR 9000. During heavy gaming, Realme 2 is performing outstanding, it is handling the heating issue like a pro.

Watch the full gaming review

Talking about my gaming experience, I have played the very famous PUBG on realme 2, and my gaming experience was not so bad. The game was running smoothly with very few FPS loss and lags. My graphics settings were set on Smooth, with frame rate as low, and Style was classic. In my opinion, the game was playable. Ram-Management on Realme 2 is great, and Realme worked quite well. It was a good move to give an HD+ display, which enhanced the experience of users.

Face Unlockrealme 2 review

Face Unlock, and fingerprint sensor on Realme 2 is excellent. It is way faster than other smartphones like Asus Zenfone Max Pro, Redmi S2, and Redmi Note 5 Pro. It has options to face unlock your apps too. Fingerprint placement is also perfect here.

Sound Quality

The Sound quality of Realme 2 is great, it produces accurate sound with great sound quality. No complaints here, the speakers are loud and clear. Audio quality during the phone call is also great here. Am impressed by Realme they have worked on every single aspect of their Smartphone to make it a perfect buy at this price point of INR 8,990.

Extra Features –

  • Dedicated Micro SD Card Slot
  • Dual Sim
  • Auto HDR
  • 168 Grams
  • 2 mm Thickness
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass
  • Micro USB 2.0


No doubt, Realme 2 is a super worth phone, and it’s a big yes to buy Realme 2. But, if you are the one who’s first preference is the performance you can buy Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. Other then, Realme 2 is an overall best buy under 10,000 rupees.

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