Pioneer India Launched TS-A1600C Speaker : Perfect Blend of Sound Quality

Pioneer India Launched TS-A1600C Speaker : Perfect Blend of Sound Quality

Once again the Pioneer India has come up with a stunning Car Speaker, after the massive success of other car speakers like TS A940FH, TS A940F, and TS A1670F. Pioneer India added one more maestro to its TS-A speaker series, i.e., TS A1600C. It is an upgraded version of the older TS-A speaker series, with powerful performance and great build quality.  So, if you are looking for Car speakers with great sound quality, you are at the right place.

Talking about the Price of Pioneer TS A1600C, the official pricing is Rs. 9,390, and it’s available on the official Pioneer website.

Pioneer TS A1600C Features

Talking about the highlighting features, The TS A1600C is Loaded with Deeper and Richer bass, with very low distortion, and clear frequency to provide great sound in every corner of your car. TS A1600C is coming with separate tweeter, which is ideal for the music lovers, especially to those who prefer in creating a sound stage right in front of them. It provides the leniency of placing the tweeter on A-pillars or on the dash with a flexible mount. Also, TS A1600C is loaded with impressive features like a high linearity suspension, enhanced Carbon & MICA reinforced IMPP Interlaced aramid fiber cone to offer an impactful musical experience, Soft Dome Midrange which helps in creating a wide directional mid-range and high-frequency response, and Smaller Midrange and Tweeter Baffle to improve vocal ranges as 1600

The carbon graphite IMPP interlaced Aramid fiber creates a cone that is stiffer and lighter, an ideal combination for the more mid-bass response.  The aramid fiber strands are blended into the IMPP cone.  The new cone provides the same natural sound found in the paper, with the strength and durability needed for the harsh mobile environment. All in all, TS A1600C is a well-researched product with mind-boggling performance. So, that’s all for the features and pricing of newly launched product from the home of Pioneer India.

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