Phixman launched its new store in Gurugram: No need to worry about repairing your Mobile/Laptop now

Phixman, a one-stop solution for all needs related to the repair of smartphones and laptops, has opened its store in Gurugram. The New Delhi based startup that was founded in 2013, is an on a spree another of geographical expansion. The company aims to solve the problems in the repairing industry with a focus on customer experience. It uses the latest technology available in the worldwide market which helps them to reduce the repairing cost and required time for the service, too.

The idea behind the inception of the company was to provide an easy, effective and accessible solution for all problems related to smartphone and gadget repair in line with its motto of our company is You break, we collect, we Phix. It covers devices from all the brands at reasonable rates and the best quality. Phixman is a self- funded company and with a team strength of 80 people.

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 Phixman has extensive expansion plans and intends to launch 500 stores PAN India and internationally too. Taking this further, Phixman has recently opened stores in Jammu, Siliguri, Gandhinagar, Madhurai, Sikkim & Hyderabad. To penetrate further, the company is looking to raise funding in the near future.

 How Phixman Works? 

So, in a manner to fix repair your smartphone how you are going to book an appointment with Phixman serviceman? There are simply two different steps, wheater you visit the phixman store or book online service. I would recommend if Phixman store is nearby your home, visiting store would be better. However, you can book for repair service online too. The experience is going to be the same

Services at Phixman

Repairing a Smartphone could be a hurdle nowadays because its one of the most energetic and dynamic market, people have lots of queries and there are lots of competitive brands making cheap and duplicate mobile components. To save monet and repairing cost on your smartphone offline shopkeepers are forced to use the duplicate componenets. It directly impacts on your smartphone life, which drastically degrades. But repairing your smartphone with trusted heads like Phixman can provide your serious value services, which your smartphone deserves.

During the Store launch we had a good interaction with the Company CEO Mr. Shaad Rehmad, he said “This is our second store in Gurugram in collaboration with our franchise partner, Naresh Kumar. It is a big market with a population of over 8.77 lakh people with over 70% of people using gadgets on a regular basis. Thus, based on various evaluations to understand the problem and the needs of the customer base, we decided to choose this market. This store launch in Gurugram is the solution for all gadget repairing issues locally where our target is not only to fulfill the gadget repairing needs of local people of Gurugram but also target whole Delhi and NCR. The endeavor is to meet the repairing needs of the people in Gurugram at their convenience. We understand the importance of customer experience and thus we provide our executive at a call at the customer’s doorstep and ensure that the repair is completed within 24 hours.”

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