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Paytm introduced new Paytm Food Order option: How to Order Food on Paytm

Recently with the new Paytm Version 8.0.4, a new option of Order food Online is coming on Paytm app, and it’s working great as we have already tested it. Order food from Paytm food ordering option is as simple as buying online stuffs. With the very simple and minimal interface of Paytm users don’t have to face any confusion and problem with Paytm food ordering. In this article, we are going to give you a brief introduction of new Paytm Food ordering, and How to order food on Paytm.paytm food ordering

Paytm Food Ordering: An Introduction

The latest Paytm update of 16 January 2019, is bring the new feature of Paytm food order. So, in a way to get this latest features the update is necessary. Click here to update to the Paytm Version 8.0.4.  It’s a 23.65 MB small application, with more than 100Million downloadsd. Such, a huge number of user base.

After successfully update to the latest version of Paytm, open it and tap on the ‘more’ option, and scroll down to the Paytm Mall Shopping section, here you will find the new Food Ordering option. Tap on it for further operations.

Paytm Food Ordering is integrated to the Zomato servers, and working with the same. As the user interface of Paytm Food order and Zomato Application is very similar. Maybe the rates of Food will be different because of the Paytm offers.

Here, Paytm Food will show the number of available restaurants according to your location. I can choose from almost 166 Resturants here. Here, I noticed one thing, the information listed for the restaurants is exactly the same as Zomato. Like the ratings, profile picture, per person price, but the delivery time is different. Paytm is showing extra 4-5 minutes.

How to Order Food on Paytm

Follow these simple steps to order foods through Paytm Food Ordering

  1. Open Paytm App, and go to Paytm Food Ordering under the Paytm Mall Shopping section.
  2. Now, Open Paytm Foods, and search for your desired restaurants. Here, i have chosed Nazeer Foods.
  3. Once you select your desired restaurant, look for your foods and select your them by tapping on Add button on the right side of every food and combos.
  4. You can also, tap on the menu to navigate your desired food category. It is totally similar option as Zomato app offers.
  5. Once you done with your foods selection, tap on the view cart, and Select your address by tapping on ‘Select an Address’.
  6. Add Address, and confirm the exact location through Google Maps. The intregration of Google Map will help the delivery boy to deliver foods fresh and on time.
  7. Now, Tap on Save button. Your address is set now for future orders too.
  8. Next, the step is for Payment. You can pay through Paytm wallet too. The Minimum order for free delivery is the order of Rs. 100, otherwise you have to pay extra Rs. 10 for delivery. The app is charging 5% for GST also.
  9. SO, the half Chicken Briyani of Rs. 89 is costing me Rs. 103 after all the shipping charge and GST.
  10. Now, Simply pay and you are good to go.



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