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OnePlus 6T With In-Display-Fingerprint Scanner, Launch Date is 17 October

The all-new trend settler In-Display-Fingerprint scanner is successfully impressed the R&D team of OnePlus. From the last couple of weeks, the leaks about OnePlus 6T is getting hot. Many tech publications have started to talk about the upcoming OnePlys 6T. Last week we have seen leaked boxes of OnePlus 6T, and now a new leak of OnePlus 6T with In-Display-Fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 6T Leaks

Talking about the previous leaks of OnePlus 6T, Which was a white box with OnePlus6T branding on the right side, and OnePlus 6T image inside the box. The OnePlus 6T image Leaked out many possible features, which is part of rumors now.

OnePlus 6T LeakOnePlus 6T

  1. Water drop notch – As you can easily notice a water drop notch with OnePlus 6T, which we have already seen in Oppo F9 Pro, and Vivo V11. In my opinion, Water drop notch looks a lot better from the typical notch, and all those users who don’t like the notch display can survive with water drop notch easily.
  2. Full View Display- It looks like OnePlus 6T could feature a full view display of 6.2Inch with a very small chin at the bottom.
  3. OnePlus 6T with In-Display-Fingerprint scanner- The highlighting feature of OnePlus 6T is, it’s In-Display-Fingerprint scanner. Because of this feature, we can expect a slight increase in the price of OnePlus 6T, in comparison with OnePlus 6.OnePlus 6T image
  4. Unlock The Speed- This is the Tag-Line of upcoming OnePlus 6T, which clearly identifies the upcoming feature of OnePlus 6T with In-Display-Fingerprint scanner. Here the brand is talking about the In-Display-Fingerprint scanner and the speed. In terms of speed OnePlus never disappoints. Y\We can easily expect processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with In-Display-Fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 6T with In-Display-Fingerprint scanner

OnePlus 6T Launch Date in India-

Talking about the OnePlus 6T Launch Date in India, the leaks are suggesting October 17 will be OnePlus 6T Launch Date, this could be the global OnePlus 6T Launch Date. So, OnePlus 6T Launch Date in India will be 19/20 October. Stay tuned, and subscribe to our newsletter, we will update you with the latest news related to OnePlus 6T.


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