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Moto G6 vs Moto G5 Comparison and New features of Moto G6 : Techoob

Moto G6 vs Moto G5

Moto is going to launch a new member for it’s very famous G-Series phones. Moto G6 is going to be new member and this time Moto brings lots of changes in the latest family member. Moto G6 will have many new features from its last year successor Moto G5 and we will talk about the changes in this article. So starting with the comparison of Moto G6 vs Moto G5.Moto g6 vs moto g5

•  Highlighting features of  MotoG6

  • 5.7 inch Full HD Display.
  • Dual camera of 12+5 MP.
  • 3000mAh Battery.
  • Android 8.0 out of the box.


1. Design –

               Talking about the design of Moto G6 which is completely inspired by Moto X4. On the back, you will get to see dual rear camera with dual tone LED flash and Motorola branding. The phone is completely build of metal and it will feel so premium in hands.

Moto g6 vs moto g5       Moto G6 have some thick bezels which is a black dot on the design. I personally feel these bezels should not be there after all it’s 2018 and people are loving less bezel and notch display phones.

2. Display-

     Talking about the display of Moto G6. It will feature a 5.7inch full HD display which is 18:9 infinity display. The trend of 18:9 display is now being followed by Moto also and Moto G6 is going to be the first phone with infinity display. The display is full HD with resolution of 1080P which means it’s viewing angles will be good and you will not find any problem using it under sunlight and outdoor conditions.       

3. Camera ( Moto G6 vs Moto G5 )

   In the camera section you will see lot’s of changes. Moto G6 is coming with dual rear camera of 12+5 MP. First sensor of 12MP is going to be main camera for taking your snaps. It’s coming with 1.75aperture and the second camera of 5MP will help users to take good quality pictures with depth focusing, Quality loss zoom, bokeh mode, portrait pictures etc.

Moto g6 vs moto g5

     Talking about the secondary camera or selfie camera which is coming with 16MP sensor, with wide-angle of 120°. This camera will have 2.0 aperture and it’s coming with auto focus and may be it will also feature portrait mode to take selfie with blur background. This will be a software running Portrait mode, which can’t guarantee you for great quality, but it will definitely satisfy your needs.

4. Processor ( Moto G6 vs Moto G5 )

   Last year we have seen Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset in Moto G5 and Moto G6 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, which is a decent processor. I am expecting at least snapdragon 625 should come with Moto G6 because of the high competition in the market and Moto can’t compete with mobiles like Redmi Note 5Pro which is running with the help of Qualcomm Snapdragon 636. 

Moto g6 vs moto g5

   Talking about the internal storage, no changes can be seen here because Moto G6 is coming with 2 differentiate variant first one is 3GB RAM with 32&64 GB storage and second one is 4GB RAM with 63&128 GB internal storage. 

5. Operating System ( Moto G6 vs Moto G5 )

    Last year Moto G5 was launched with Android Nougat 7.0 and now it’s running on latest android version of 8.0 after the update. Moto G6 is coming with Android 8.0 out of the box.

6. Battery ( Moto G6 vs Moto G5 )

   Battery is coming with an improvement. Last year Moto G5 was launched with the battery of 2800mAh and this time Moto G6 is coming with the battery of 3000 mAh with fast charging, Moto call it Turbo Charging.

• Moto G6 Launch Date and Price

Moto G6 is rumored to launch in India on 19th April along with brazil. It is expected that Motorola will launch Moto G6 along with two other device such as Moto G6 plus and Moto G6 play. Moto G6 plus will be upgrade version and high price phone, whereas Moto G6 play will be a budget category phone.

• Price – 

  • Moto G6 – $199
  • Moto G6 plus – $249
  • Moto G6 play – $179

These are the leaked and unofficial price.

 So that’s it for this article.

Thanks for reading please share. 

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