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Mobiistar a Vietnamese brand is going to launch it’s smartphone in India : Techoob

Mobiistar a Vietnamese brand in India now

India is becoming a great market for smartphone manufacturer and now brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, Asus, Vivo, Nokia are doing great job. The reason mobile manufacturer see India as a great market place for smartphone is huge amount of population and growing economy of India. So in this article am going to talk about a brand call Mobiistar. This is not any Chinese brand but a Vietnamese handset manufacturer and they are all set to enter the Indian smartphone market. Mobiistar is going to compete with Chinese brands like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi.

Mobiistar also decided to make India, as it’s global headquarter, which clearly means they are going to plant their manufacturing hub in India, which will create some good amount of employment for Indian youth.

Mobiistar is coming to india and it with compete with brands like oppo, vivo and xiaomi.

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The CEO of company Mr. Carl Ngo said – “4G feature phone happened in India, and 4G is growing fast. This is the market where all the major things in the mobile industry are happening in India…We do have a chance to try. succeeded or not, it’s too early to tell. This is the market we want to try,”

“After looking at the number and size of the country and growth, I have decided to be based here. The idea is to run global operations by based out of here are full-time,”he added (Source – EconomicTimes)

Mobiistar Vietnam Smartphone

Currently the company is doing some partnership with brands like V-Sun Technologies to locally assemble handsets. Mobiistar’s Top Executives showed a very bright future of the company under the partnership of V-Sun Technologies. The trial production has already begun, V-Sun Technologies have their unit in Haryana and they are doing the work in really efficient and fast manner.

It seems like Mobiistar is studying the Indian market very deeply and they are trying to achieve good position in Indian market. They have formed partnership with chipset brands, design houses. The brand will have 850 service centre from the day 1, when they will launch their first device in india and 850 service centres will expand up to 1000.

“We will largely focus on social media and digital channels, and will directly talk to consumers,” Carl said.

Talking about expected smartphones, which Mobiistar is going to launch for Indian market. As I mentioned earlier they are going to take on brands like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi so they will focus to provide camera centric phone with good performance. We are expecting a phone with great selfie camera and good performance. The phone will be budget and mid range both. Expected price could be vary between 6000 to 15000.

Mobiistar is coming to india. Mobiistar Smartphone

About Mobiistar 

Mobiistar comes under the top five smartphone brand of Vietnam and india is it’s part of strategy. They are looking to expand their business to Gulf country also and for that Dubai will be their next target.  The company has already expanded within South East Asia with countries like Cambodia.

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