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Kent CamAttendance Launched: Check Now

Kent one of the famous company for household products. They have launched their all-new Kent CamAttendance. Yeah! You read right, due to the ongoing pandemic. Everyone is advised to make distances and to not get in contact with anyone either living or non-living things. So, they have launched the Kent CamAttendance. The Kent CamAttendance will help in offices, studio, workplaces and much more in taking attendance of the person. A few months ago, Kent already launched the Kent Cam Eye which is one of the helpful AI product for Securities. So, read the full article to know more about the Kent CamAttendance.

Kent CamAttendance Launched

Due to the COVID-19, managing employee attendance system has become a nightmare for the industry as the use of existing biometric attendance machines has been prohibited. With no other reliable attendance capturing mechanism, the industry has switched back to manual attendance which is error-prone and difficult to manage. The helpless situation is not only a problem for managers but employees, too as they are still being forced to use biometric machines in many places.

So, due to this, The Kent CamAttendance has been launched. Its Next-Gen Touchless Attendance based on Facial Recognition uses AI-based computer vision to capture and recognise the face of an employee for attendance purpose. It is managed via a secure cloud application that stores employee records and employee photos and data which can be seamlessly integrated with the existing manager. It is a faster and more reliable system than the manual attendance. Most importantly, the product is designed and manufactured in India with data & servers also residing in India, which is useful for the users as their data is entirely safe.

Furthermore, multiple KENT CamAttendance devices can be deployed in one premise and across different sites. All Cam Attendance devices can be controlled centrally from the cloud, and data from all CamAttendance devices also come to the cloud in real-time. Top-level/Middle-Level Management of the Company can easily view all the data from the cloud and generate employee attendance.

Employees and supervisors can use the optional mobile app for added functionalities such as check-in via mobile, which allows one to mark attendance through mobile via face recognition and geo-location. The mobile feature also offers to leave application, attendance regularisation and approval. Furthermore, with the help of the team view functionality, one can check the attendance of team members through a consolidated view, including their physical locations on a map. The product is fully designed & developed in India.

Kent CamAttendance Price in India

The KENT CamAttendance system has been priced at Rs. 25,000.  You have to also pay the annual fee for using the cloud platform.

Kent CamAttendance Features: Highlights

  • AI Face Recognition: AI-based computer vision for face detection & face recognition
  • Mask Compliance: Inbuilt algorithm for optional mask detection
  • Real Person Detection: Patented algorithm to differentiate between a real person & an HD photo/video
  • High Accuracy & Speed: Face Recognition takes less than a second with an accuracy of >99.9%
  • Smart Alerts: System alerts in cases of anomalies like an employee not wearing a mask etc.

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