iPhone XC Leaked Concept images could be cheaper than iPhone X


It has been a couple of months when iPhone X was announced and here is one more leak of new iPhone X with the taste of iPhone 5C . so let’s talk about the leaks of iPhone XC .

Some of the leaks are indicating that iPhone X smaller version is about to launch very soon. This mini version of iPhone X is looking like iPhone 5C design. Four years ago, iPhone launched its iPhone 5C that was not any regular iPhone it was made up of plastic, looks very bright with its cheerful colours and also come with a cheaper price.


The Concept images are indicating that iPhone X new version which is iPhone XC will be really cheaper and not so durable because of it’s plastic body. At the time of iPhone 5C launch there was a lot of complains about its quality and durability because of its plastic body which was not surviving the drops.

Here are some of the concept images of iPhone XC. It seems pretty beautiful and you migh not use any covers for your iPhone XC to show its really bright and cheerful colours.

1. Same vertical camera like iPhone X. May be the specification could be different because of the cheaper price leaks. But we are expecting there will be no change in camera.

2. Colours

Such a beautiful and cheerful colours. Not the typical serious iPhone. You may enjoy using it. Available colours will be same as iPhone 5C colours.

3. More images…









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