India Skills Competition 2018 Categories to participate

India Skills Competition 2018 Categories

            So, You guys may heard about the India Skills Competition 2018 which is an initiative of the National Skill Development (NSDC).my Any skilled person born on or after 1st January 1997 could participate in any of the skills and stand a chance to represent India at International Level.


Now, let’s Talk about the Categories Available for Participation in India Skills Competition 2018.
There are Six Categories available for participation Listed below:-

• Construction and Building Technology
• Transportation and Logistics
• Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
• Information and Network Technology
• Creative Arts and Fashion
• Social and Personal Services

India Skills Competition 2018


Now these categories also have sub categories mentioned below –

Construction and Building Technology
• Architectural Stonemasonry
• Bricklaying
• Cabinetmaking
• Carpentry
• Electrical Installations
• Joinery
• Landscape Gardening
• Painting and Decorating
• Plastering and Drywall systems
• Plumbing and Heating
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
• Wall and Floor Tiling

Transportation and logistics
• Aircraft Maintenance
• Autobody Repair
• Automobile Technology
• Car Painting
• Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

Manufacturing and Engeeneiring Technology 
• CNC milling
• CNC Turning
• Concrete Construction Work
• Construction Metal Work
• Electronics
• Industrial Control
• Industrial Mechanic Millwright
• Manufacturing Team Challenge
• Mechanical Engeeneiring Design – CAD
• Mechatronics
• Mobile Robotics
• Plastic Die Engeeneiring
• Polymechanics and Automation
• Prototype Modeling
• Sheet metal technology

Information and Communication Technology 
• Information Network Cabling
• IT Network Systems Administrations
• IT Software Solutions for Business
• Print Media Technology
• Web Design

Creative Arts and Fashion
• Fashion Technology
• Floristry
• Graphic Design Technology
• Jewellery
• Visual merchandising/ Window Dressing

Social and Personal Services
• Bakery
• Beauty Therapy
• Confectioner/Pastry Cook
• Cooking
• Hairdressing
• Health and Social Care
• Restaurant Service

So, these were the Categories available for participation. If you want to Participate here is the link which will redirect you to the form submission page:- http://www.worldskillsindia.co.in/competitor-form.php

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