February 26, 2020
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How to find lawyer online from home : Advok8 Application review




So guys in this article, I will let you know about a very useful application that can help you to solve any of your problem, no matter if your problem is related to your life, businesses, relationship or simply anything. Here, we are talking about an Application called Advok8 which you can download by clicking this link. It has a really impressive ratings of 4.8 star on Google play store which really means a lot, it is a 10MB application which can be handled by even low end mobiles so not to worry if you don’t have any expensive and high performance mobile phone.




Talking about the application advok8 is a platform for law students and professionals, which will help this fraternity to collaborate and connect with India’s        fastest growing online professional network of lawyers. It focuses on the peer-to-peer exchange of cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning to improve legal outcomes. You can also get some advice directly from the law students and professionals.

advok8 legisl8 helps lawyers create their professional identity in the web, stay updated on the latest news and developments in their specialty, find and connect with other legal professionals and apply to the best jobs internship and courses from leading institutions.


  About advok8 –

• Discuss cases with fellow lawyers, colleagues from all around the country
• Get second opinion from industry stalwarts and the best layers in your specialty
• Seek answer on posts you think are best suited for the posts
• Take part in ongoing discussion and development in your speciality
• Publish your article
• Read article based on your interest
• Answer Question as per your interest



 • Interface

In the Advok8 application you can sign up as a guest or as a professional lawyer, you can post any article related to law background or current news as well as you can find the current news also. The interface of the application is so clean and easy. In the Legisl8 section you could find post from law students and professionals, and in the dashboard section you can find advocates, you case activities, you profile and you can even pay your lawyer. In a very simple and convenient way you can find lawyers, advice, help and if you are law students or any professional lawyer you can use this applications to get clients. I personally use it for current news related to government steps and judiciary news. Just download this simple application and it will help you to make your life very convenient.


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