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How to Download and Install GTA 5 Premium Edition for Free (Download link)

So, world’s most popular game GTA 5 got all the limelight again after 3-4. To all my gamer friends, here is a very excited new for you all. The famous Rockstar Game GTA 5 Premium Edition is free now on Epic Games. Yeah! You read it correctly, free but for a limited time from 14th May to 21st May 8:30 PM. And, after the sale started, the Epic Games server was down for hours. So, we are providing you with the way to Download GTA 5 For Free and How To Buy GTA 5 For Free From Epic Games guide. We will also tell you How To Install GTA 5 on your PC. Therefore, read the full article to know more about GTA 5 Download Size.

How To Buy GTA 5 For Free from Epic Games.

Here are the ways from which you can buy the GTA 5 For Free:

  • By Official Site of Epic Games
  • By Official Epic Game Launcher

How To Buy GTA 5 Form Epic Games Official Website

So, as the GTA 5 is available for free till 21st May 8:30 PM. The server of the Epic Games is getting a very high number of traffic, which resulted in few problems in server of Rockstar and epic games, you may notice few issues like verification email getting delayed, download speed is less than usual. However team is continuously working to fix them all. Here is a tweet from Rockstar support:

Visit Epic Ganes GTA 5 Premium Edition Page: 

GTA 5 Epic Games

Now you can easily buy the GTA 5 From the Epic Games by following the given steps.

  • Log-in to Epic Games, if you have not Epic Games account, then you can create one by your any of the available account.
How To Buy GTA 5 For Free, Download GTA 5 For Free, How To Install GTA 5 on your PC, GTA 5 Free Coupon, GTA 5 Download Size
  • After Logging in from Facebook, Google Account and other handles, you have to link your account Epic Games.
  • And, you will also be given the option to choose a username for epic games.
How To Buy GTA 5 For Free, Download GTA 5 For Free, How To Install GTA 5 on your PC, GTA 5 Free Coupon, GTA 5 Download Size
  • Congratulations, You have successfully bought the GTA 5.

How To Download Epic Game Launcher

So, download the Epic Game Launcher to proceed with the second way to buy GTA 5:

Download Epic Game Launcher

  • First Of All, you have to download Epic Games Launcher from the above link.
  • And, download the Epic Game Installer from the Drive link.
  • After that, the Epic Game Launcher will start installing, and it will require an additional file of around 400MB.
  • Then, Hopefully Epic Game Launcher will be successfully installed on your computer.

How To Buy GTA 5 Premium Edition from Epic Game Launcher

The Server may be down for some time of Epic Game Website. So, here is an alternative way to buy GTA 5 Premium Edition for free. You can get GTA 5 for free from Epic Game Launcher. This software is not affected by server errors and millions of traffic. Therefore, it is recommended by us. Just follow these steps to buy GTA 5 For Free:

Download Epic Games Launcher

  • After downloading Epic Game Launcher, Log-in to Your Epic Game Account by creating a new account or directly authorised by the existing account.
  • So, when you Log-in to Epic Game Launcher then Go To Store Page and Buy the GTA 5 From there.
  • After it, when you have bought the GTA 5 successfully start downloading the GTA 5 from the app.
  • After downloading, enjoy playing the new GTA 5 online game.

GTA 5 Premium Edition requirements

Here is the requirement for running the GTA V on your PC:

How To Buy GTA 5 For Free, Download GTA 5 For Free, How To Install GTA 5 on your PC, GTA 5 Free Coupon, GTA 5 Download Size

The game can be run from Intel Core 2 Quad Processor and Windows Vista. Also, the game will require around 100GB of disk space. And, the Graphics Video Card is also needed for it to play at smooth and balanced FPS. For more, check the image for references of GTA 5 PC Requirements. Make sure to verify your PC support, before downloading the game

GTA 5 Download Size

How To Buy GTA 5 For Free, Download GTA 5 For Free, How To Install GTA 5 on your PC, GTA 5 Free Coupon, GTA 5 Download Size

The download size of GTA 5 Premium Edition is around 94GB. So, make sure you are running good and faster Wi-Fi. Also, the epic games launcher does support pause and continue download feature, meanwhile if you have a slow internet connection and you can’t download such big file at once. You can pause the Download and shut-down your PC. However, some of the users have reported this feature is not working because of heavy traffic and continuous server error. So, we will recommend to download the whole 94GB file at once.

Note: You can buy the game, and it will be available to your Epic Game account for lifetime. So, we will suggest you buy the game even if you are not going to download. And, enjoy the game if you have downloaded it.

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