How to Create Cricket Team in Dream 11. Play Fantasy Cricket online

ICC World Cup 2019 is just around the corner, and cricket fever started to roam all around the cricket lovers. Recently, ICC announced all the Schedules and important dates of World Cup 2019, and it’s going to start from 30 May 2019. But, for all the Cricket Lovers, who don’t miss any single cricket match you are missing something. All the Cricket expert advise you share with your friends, you can actually use your Cricket knowledge to enjoy cricket online. Simply, Create Cricket Team of your choice, and participate in all the Cricket Fantasy matches. If you are new to Fantasy Sports, you don’t need to worry we will help you to Create Cricket team, and Play Fantasy Cricket online.

So, this particular article is all about How to Create Cricket Team of your choice and enjoy cricket. For all the Cricket experts it’s a recommended game to play. You can check the following links for all the Cricket rules and gaming structure. It will help you to understand all the particular Cricket Terms. Like: Leg Before Wicket, Leg Bye, Wide Ball, No Ball etc.

How to Create Cricket Team

To all the Cricket lovers who want to Play Fantasy Cricket, here are our complete guidelines. The recommended website is Dream11, which is the most famous Fantasy sports platform. Users can play fantasy cricket, football, hockey, basketball, and kabaddi. It is one of the most trusted sources for fantasy sports online. According to reports, it has around 45 million user base, which is growing rapidly.

So, in a way to Play Fantasy Cricket, and Create Cricket Team, follow the following steps.
  1. Go to Dream11 website.
  2. Register for a new Account using your Mobile Number. And, Login
  3. Now, you will get to see a different section of Sports, Such as Cricket, NBA, Hockey, Football, and other outgoing sports matches. (Subject of availability)
  4. Choose your Sports. Since this article is about Cricket choose Fantasy cricket.
  5. Now, you will get to see many matches that are scheduled for upcoming days.
  6. Choose your match. And, Now you need to choose Players and Create Cricket Team.
  7. You can choose, 1 Wicket-Keeper, 3 to 5 Batsmen, 1 to 3 All-Rounders, and 3 to 5 Bowlers.
  8. Choose your team wisely, Since you need to select 11 Players from a total of 100 points. All the players have a particular number of points.
  9. After Team selection, it’s time to choose your Team Captain and it will give you 2x point, and the point of any player is based on his actual performance throughout the game. Also, you need to choose, Vice-Captain of the team as well. The Vice-Captain will bring 1.5x points. Now Save the team
  10. That’s it, you are good to go now.

So, at the time of Team selection, choose the team wisely. It is the time to use your inside Masterful cricket expert, and Create Cricket Team full of talented players. Also, keep in mind if your selected team member somehow doesn’t make it to the Playing 11 that player will generate 0 points for you, so and it will indirectly defect your winning chances and points. So, that’s it for this article, enjoy playing Fantasy Cricket.

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