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How to Book EESL AC of Super-Efficient AC program by Indian Government

So, this video is all about the new Government Scheme. The newly founded NDA 2.0 or Mr. Narendra Modi Government is going to offer you some amazing cheap ACs. This is a new scheme related to AC in a vision to provide AC to all Indian Citizen. Recently formed Government lead by Mr. Narendra Modi announced that they are going to provide an AC to all the Indian Citizen through the scheme A.C for All (Unofficial name). Now we don’t have any official news about how all the consumers will get their ACs and what will be the payment process. But, as per the leak, we will try giving you an idea. Very initial leaks are suggesting that the EESL, a government based Electronic manufacturer is responsible for product making and selling through their official website channel. Maybe a particular app for booking process will be available too.

EESL A.C Features

National Public Sector Enterprises under Ministry of Power, Government of India, launched its Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Programme for residential and institutional consumers. Government is providing Air Conditioners, these Super-Efficient Air Conditioners are 40 percent more efficient than, but priced comparably with, the 3-star ACs currently available in the market (ISEER 3.8). EESL is working towards making this program and its benefits available to all consumers across the nation. Besides promoting energy efficiency, the Super-Efficient AC program will also help to reduce the peak power demand in South and West Delhi by 22MW, enabling the two organizations to harness synergies to promote energy security and sustainability.

How to Book EESL AC of Super-Efficient AC program by Indian Government

  1. You have to log in to the official EESl website to buy the AC. Government is yet to announce the e-commerce website from where the AC is going to sell out.  (we will update)
  2. After successfully logged-in. You have to go to the product page.
  3. Click on Buy Now.
  4. Enter your Unique Electric Bill Number.
  5. Now, enter your correct details. Keep in mind, the name should be the same as mentioned on your Electric Bill.
  6. Now, enter your correct answer, proceed to payment. Cash on Delivery option is available too.
  7. After successfully booking, it will take almost 2 weeks to get delivered to your home. An engineer will be available at the time of delivery to the installation of your AC and instruct you about the usage process of AC.

The program directly addresses the prospect of the nearly four-fold increase in energy consumption from buildings and cooling appliances in India by 2032 E-Commerce website,, through which customers, can purchase the super-efficient air conditioners. With a focus on increasing consumer adoption of, and access to, energy efficient technologies, the website will also allow customers to purchase other appliances distributed by EESL, including induction cookstoves and products sold under the UJALA program – 9-Watt LED bulbs, LED luminaries, and BEE 5-star rated energy efficient fans. , customers can create a profile and register on the website free-of-charge after submitting requisite documents, such as electricity bill number and/or government-issued identification documents, and place orders for doorstep delivery of eligible products.

NOTE: We will keep on updating this post will the latest news related to this Scheme. Turn on the Notification to get notified every time we update this article.

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