HONOR sets quality standards benchmark with phone reliability test 3.2

How Honor Phones are Quality Tested

HONOR, the leading smartphone e-brand, has set a new benchmark, when it comes to quality testing, through the phone reliability test standard 3.2. The reliability tests, devised by HONOR, sub-brand of Huawei, ensure rigorous testing standards to ensure comprehensive product quality. The recently launched HONOR 20 series are the latest devices to have undergone this testing standard to ensure that the final product meets the quality standards

To pass the criterion for the reliability test standard 3.2, the HONOR smartphones are tested and undergo multiple durability tests which includes

  • 10,000 times for switching the device on and off
  • 1,00,000 times for repeated stand-by and wake-up mode
  • 20,000 times for the power button
  • 50,000 times for the volume button

In addition, the HONOR smartphones undergo multiple pressure and temperature tests to ensure they function optimally, even in the most drastic conditions. Ensuring consistent quality in its products, HONOR rejects an entire lot of smartphones even if there is one faulty piece in the bunch.

  • USB plug durability which is tested 10,000 times
  • Headphone plug durability which is tested 5,000 times
  • Fingerprint click durability which is tested 2,00,000 times
  • Touch screen click durability which is tested 8,00,000 times

Ever since its inception, HONOR has been a one-stop solution in providing excellent quality, cutting-edge technology, industry-first innovations in its smartphones and best-in-class after-sales services. According to 91Mobiles’ consumer Insights report, HONOR stood out as the brand with least service issues with just 12.6% users reporting a visit to the service center to get the device related issues fixed.HONOR invests close to 15% of the total sales revenue generated in R&D alongside strong technical expertise in the group of 16 global R&D centers and 36 joint venture R&D centers. The brand’s global investment has gone up to USD 71.5 billion in the recent decade with USD 14.8 billion invested in 2018. HONOR’s R&D department comprises of a total of 79000 employees, globally.

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