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Honor Band 4 vs Mi Band 3 : Best Fitness Band in India

Honor Finally Unveiled it’s Honor Band 4 in India, and No Doubt this band got all the features that a Normal Fitness freak or even a normal user is looking for. Reference, to my previous story on Honor Band 4, it’s a perfect accessory for style segment too.

In terms of Bands, our India Market has not a certain competition at all, because only Honor and Xiaomi is providing quality bands which is value for money and famous among users. Currently, Mi Band 3 is grabbing all the attention, but Honor Band 4 have some potential to grab all the fame. So, in this Article I will be comparing Honor Band 4 with Mi Band 3, so you can have a brief idea. Which one is better and worth choice?


Highlighting Features Honor Band 4Mi Band 3
Display0.95 inch OLED (AMOLED)0.78 inch OLED
WaterproofYes (Up to 50m)Yes (Up to 50m)
Battery100 mAh110 mAh
CompatibleAndroid 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+Android 5.0+ / iOS 9.0+
ColourBlack, Blue, White, Sky, PinkBlack
Work-Time14 Days20 Days

Honor Band 4 is New Generation Fitness Band

On a specific basis, Honor Band 4 is featuring some noticeable functions that make it a perfect band. It is modern and stylish, it got some funky cool design. Not only the design, but the useful features are quite good here. Which can enhance your experience with its Intelligent features. Starting with the Display, It has a 0.95 AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, which is a colored display. It also features different Clock Face, that you can customize as per your mood. Whereas Mi Band 3 is not an AMOLED and Full Touch Screen Display. Even the display is smaller, Due to lack of AMOLED feature, it can be a bottleneck to use under the bright sunny day. Even the Display is not color, so users who are looking for a fun and stylish fitness Band they have to think twice before going with Mi Band 3. But, the Honor Band 4 can be their one-way destination for buying a fitness band.

For the protection, Honor is providing 2.5D Curved glass also. So, your Honor Band 4 won’t be a scratch magnet anymore. On the other hand, Xiaomi has not announced any protection layer for Mi Band 3, So you have to use a screen protector on Mi Band 3 to avoid Scratches.

In terms of the Accuracy of Heart Rate, Sleep Time, Step Tracking, Running and other activity. Honor Band 4 is more reliable because It is officially certified by Centre for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) at Harvard Medical School. Also, Honor Band 4 provide Advice on many sleeping issues, such as insomnia, light and deep sleep, excessive dreaming and irregular sleeping habits. On the other hand, Mi Band 3 has not any certification of accurate tracker results, and on the note of Advice, Mi Band 3 provides some basic advice based on coding, which is indeed helpful for a user, but the number of suggestions and Advice from Honor Band 4 is more health conscious and medically important to keep you healthy.

So, these are some of the reasons where Honor Band 4 is more advanced and grabbing my attention at first impressions. Now, Let’s take a look at the comparison with respect to Specifications.

Honor Band 4 Vs Mi Band 3

Design and Build Quality:

Both the bands are an upgraded version to their previous version. Both the band bought a few changes in Design, and build quality in respect to the previous version of the band. The Design of  Honor Band 4 having the same rubberized silica material strap, but it feels more premium now, because of the bigger and Colour AMOLED Display. On the other hand, Mi Band 3 is featuring the same It is more comfortable and featuring bigger display than previous Mi Band 2. The Strap fits much better now.

The Looks of both the strap is quite similar to the previous version, but the Honor Band 4 looks better, because of the colorful straps. Also, you got an awesome color selection with Honor Band 4 ( Colours – Black, Blue, White, Sky, Pink). Mi band 3 is coming with only black color.


Honor Band 4 

  1. Call: Remind/Refuse,
  2. Pulse: Continual pulse heart rate monitor Real-time 1 second, Night Sleep Care Infrared Detect Mode
  3. Message/APP: Remind/Show message, customize apps permission
  4. Sport: Time, Calories, Steps, Distance, Pace, Even Recognize Swimming Posture
  5. Alarm: Smart vibration, Event notification
  6. Sleep: Auto track, Professional Multi-Pattern such as a snap, TruSleep by CDB, Harvard
  7. Convenience: Lift wrist to show, sedentary alarm, Find cell phone, timer, stopwatch, brightness etc.
  8. Swimmable: 5ATM(Swim or Shower in not-hot water), show swimming time and calories.
  9. Sensors: 6-Axis Inertial Sensor, Separate PPG Sensor, Infrared Detect Sensor.

Mi Band 3

  1. Call: Caller ID/reject instant
  2. Pulse: Heart rate monitoring
  3. Message: Message display, Notification display (Instagram, We chat, Whatsapp)
  4. Sport: Automatic step counter, Check calorie consumption, Target setting
  5. Alarm: Vibrating alarm clock, Event notification
  6. Sleep: Sleep Monitoring
  7. Convenience: Lift the wrist light screen Gesture, Do not disturb mode, Unlocks mobile, Find cell phone
  8. Swimmable: 5ATM(Swim or Shower in not-hot water), show swimming time and calories
  9. Sensor: Triaxial acceleration sensor, PPG heart rate sensor

Size and Dimensions –

The Honor band 4 is 23gramd in weight, and the Main Body is 43mm x 17.2mm x 11.5m, and on the another side, Mi Band 3 is 20 grams in weight, and the Main Body is 17.9×46.9x12mm in Dimensions.


In terms of Battery, the fitness band makers are still surviving to provide a good healthy battery which can last long up to months, but the reality is something different. The Honor Band 4 is coming with 100 mAh battery, which can last long 14 Days maximum, AND The Mi Band 3 is featuring a bigger battery of 110 mAh, which can last long 20 Days maximum. So, in terms of battery Mi Band 3 is the clear winner, but the thing is Honor Band 4 is running a Colour and Bigger display, also it does feature more intelligent tracking features. Which indirectly impacts on the battery life of approx a week lesser than Mi Band 3.


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