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Honda CRV in India Price starting from 28 lakhs : Know More

Honda has launched its most meticulous Honda CRV which is so righteous in its price segment. Honda states “cr-v” stands for ‘comfortable runabout vehicle, Introduced by Honda in 1995 as the name for its car utility vehicle, the acronym (CRV)” represents a car between a car or minivan and a sport utility vehicle, or suv.the company has been producing the CRV since 1995 which was 5 doors SUV. The company has sold nearly 66000 cars in 1997 which was a great procurement at that time. the company later on provided many changes in the car to increase its sales the company first provided 2 l engine but the subsequent models see many changes in the capacity of engines.

Honda CRV Price 

So let’s talk about the brand new 5 gen model which is the model of 2018. This model was also displayed in the 2018 auto expo 2018 in India. Honda CRV has launched in three different variants, the base price is INR 28.15lacs for Petrol 2WD, the Diesel 2WD has priced at INR 30.65 Lacs, and Diesel AWD has priced at INR 32.75 crv
The Honda is available in 3 different variants in the Indian market. The 1.6l engine returns 120hp and 300nm of torque. the diesel option will be having 9 speed at and paddle shifters for better performance. there is a 2.0 l engine which have continuously variable transmission(CVT). the engine returns 154hp and 189nm of torque but it does not feature paddle shifters or AWD.
the Honda CRV is a beast in its price segment as it has all the modern tech which is needed to compete with the premium cars. The dimension of this car is 4587mm long,1854mm wide,1679mm tall with a wheelbase of 2659mm making 58 mm longer, 35mm wider and 25mm taller that the earlier model.
talking about the interior of the car , it has such a luxury feel at this price range equipped with top of the peak features.

The interior of this car has leather upholstery, larger driver and passenger seats, a multi layered dashboard and wood panneling on doors. it is equipped with a large infotainment system with the wide variety of features included like apple car play android auto.
the crv packs with electric sunroof and multi steering wheel, automatic climate control, abs,6 airbags, outside temperature display. the car also has a central locking system, power door locks, anti pinch power windows, halogen headlamps, side and front impact beams, keyless entry.
Honda CRV has a very neat competitor in its segment which is the jeep compass. the jeep is available for 17.18 where as the crv starts from 24.75l. the engine of the crv is of 1997cc and the compass has 1368cc which is quite a good one. the power of the compass engine is 161bhp@ 5500 rpm and the power of crv engine is of 154@6500rpm. the mileage of the compass is 14.3kmpl and the crv has a mileage of 13.7kmpl. both cars have all the similar features in the infotainment system and the interior is quite a same. Both the cars have a same electric sunroof , fog lamps and tilted steering wheel but the crv provides a better luxury feel in the interior as it has leather seats in the from and the back. the crv comes in a greater price range as compared from the compass beacuse it has all the grandeur quality of materials built in. the crv has a sportier feel when its comes to handling and taking the sharp cutted turn beacuse it has top of the market suspension. the car pickup is great in the suv category which is so powerful to get all the work done from climbing a terrain to cruising in the desert.
as seeing the overall performance and quality of the car, it has all the luxury and sportier feel to it is quite expensive in this price range.

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