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How GPS works in our everyday life ? Know facts GPS Satellite

GPS Satellite / GPS – 

The term GPS is very commonly used among us, but very few of us know about its extract meaning. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which simply indicates that GPS is working on something which is related to our position. If you have used the Google Map to navigate any Unknown place, and at the end, you successfully found that particular place. This is what GPS is working for, GPS has the global position of nearly everything, which can navigate. GPS helps us to navigate places, to know our exact location, the exact location of our family and friends.

One more reason, why GPS was developed is Security and nowadays GPS is responsible for everything which is related to location and timing. I think Security is the main reason why GPS or you can say GPS devices are becoming so popular and helpful nowadays.

GPS satellite
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How is GPS working to make our life so much easy?

GPS can be our lifesaver, while we are traveling or driving.  Talking about, How GPS is working for our security or helping us.  Whenever we travel from one place to another. GPS which is present in our mobile and our mobile works as a GPS device, So our GPS device exchange information about our current position with GPS satellites at a regular time intervals. At least four GPS satellites receive the information at a time.

These GPS Satellites broadcast and intercept by GPS devices to calculate our current positions. Signals of GPS satellites travel with the speed of light and calculate our current position within, a regular time interval. It defines our position through three dimensions – latitude, longitude, and altitude and that’s how it works.

GPS Satellite 

GPS satelliteGPS satellites help us to get the accurate global position and there are total 24 GPS satellites are available at the baseline, which will further update up to 30 satellites. 6 GPS Satellites are always present in the earth-center. We need signals from, at least 4 GPS satellite to get our global position but signals from 3 GPS satellites can also provide you the global position but it won’t be accurate. According to a scientific research, our GPS system is accurate up to 95%. Most of the GPS and Wheather satellites are at a distance of 36,000 KM from the earth surface.

Countries with GPS Satellite

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • China
  • European Union
  • India


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