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Gadgets to Take Care of Your Health

Today with the help of this article, we will let you know about some very useful gadgets to Take of your health. Bracelets that monitor physical activity and sleep, the smart scales that, in addition to weighing, measure air quality, mobile phones that work as pedometers, training shirts with heart sensors, thousands of health and sports applications … The Noflufftech has listed all the latest technology gadgets in different categories.

In the next five years, about 250 million gadgets will be marketed for sport, according to the forecast of the IMS Research consultancy. Sales will go from 44 million units to around 56 million devices in 2019.

Activity monitors have become one of the rising stars. A market in which well-known brands of sports equipment such as Nike, specialized start-ups such as the American Fitbit and the Spanish Weartech, and giants of consumer electronics such as LG or Samsung compete.

The technology industry has found a business niche that can explode in the coming years due to the growing interest of many people to adopt healthier lifestyles. For example, 41% of Spaniards practice sports on a regular basis, according to data from the Higher Sports Council.

Potential Market

“It is a category with great potential because it responds to market demand. More and more people want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. If a wristband allows daily control of the physical activity carried out, the calories consumed and the quality of sleep, it is easier to motivate oneself to change certain habits of life “, explains Conchi S├ínchez, Fitbit director in Spain.

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Mobile manufacturers have also targeted this business. For example, the new high-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 has sensors that allow monitoring physical activity. In addition, the Korean market accessories such as bracelets and smart scales to take advantage of these functions.

In the future, the characteristics of this type of gadgets will be integrated into smartwatches. Both Apple and Samsung are working on the development of these new devices. In them, it will be possible to consult notifications of mail messages, watch the time, control the music player and monitor physical activity.


There is also a great business opportunity in what is known as m-Health, that is, health solutions through the use of mobile devices. According to a study by Arthur D. Little, around 500 million people will receive medical or social care through their smartphones.

Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 40,000 mobile health applications. According to the Spanish consultancy CMC, 10% of them-Health market revenues will come from direct downloads by the end user of this type of utilities.

Fitbit Flex in Bracelet Format

It is a submersible wristband monitor that counts the steps taken, the distance traveled and the calories burned. It also monitors how long we have slept and the quality of sleep. It is synchronized via Bluetooth 4.0 with some Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. With a silent alarm.

NIKE is Hanging Fuelband

This non-submersible bracelet measures physical activity. That is, the steps and distance traveled, as well as the calories consumed. The LEDs indicate the progress with respect to the marked objective, which can also be consulted on the PC or on the iPhone. It is not yet available in Spain.

Smartbody Analyzer

This intelligent Withings scale measures, in addition to weight, body fat, and heart rate. It also offers air quality readings. Automatically transmit measurements through Wi-Fi, or via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device.

S-Band from Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 includes the S Health app to monitor physical activity, calorie intake and weight evolution. It is complemented by S Band submersible wristband that monitors the steps and distance traveled, as well as the quality of sleep, and sends them to the terminal.

Jawbone Up, Submersible

Submersible wristband with silent alarm to monitor daily physical activity and sleep quality. It is synchronized with mobile phones (not computers) through a connector, but not by Bluetooth. The graphs of the activity are consulted on the mobile.

GOW: An Intelligent T-Shirt

The Valencian Weartech has developed Gow a system that, through a shirt with cardiac sensors, transmits to the mobile information in real time on the heart rate while doing sport. It has closed an agreement with Orange to distribute its technology.

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