Facebook Revenue in Year 2018: Indian Daily Active Users helped Facebook

World’s most popular Social Networking website “Facebook’ is seeing its secure future in Indian users, Facebook Daily Active Users ( DAUs) of Q4 2018 has just released and Chief Financial Officer of Facebook Mr. David Wehner said the Monthly Active Users  of December 2018 grew by 191 million or 9 percent compared to the last year 2017.

Q4 2018 has been a wonderful quarter for Facebook since Facebook was getting lots of Awful moment throughout the year 2018, still, the wrapping month given good news for Facebook. Daily Active Users of Facebook reached 1.52 billion up to 9% in comparison to last year, and this growth is credited to India, Indonesia, and the Philippines users.

Facebook Revenue in the Year 2018

The total revenue generated by the growth is massive as USD 61 billion has been generated, which is approx 61% grown in the month of December. Meanwhile, the month of December 2018 generated 61% of the total revenue generated. And, this is because of the increased number of Daily Active Users in India.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg indicated some upcoming updated up to 2020, maybe team if working on any new product launches. Also, the other products like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger revenue has not been disclosed.

So, that’s it for this thread. Not you have a brief and crystal clear idea that how much such social networking websites are making from our time pass time.

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