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Despacito YouTube video hacked by Prosox YouTube deleted Despacito video ?

Despacito hacked by Prosox

Many of the very famous video songs on YouTube got hacked by Prosox a hacker team. Despacito also got hacked and it seems like they are team of four or five members. They have changed the name of despacito official song by LuisFonsi to “Prosox & kuroi’SH & shade & Akashi & xepher …” currently Despacito having 5 billion views on you tube.

         Despacito video song have highest number of views on you tube and this is the reason why this video has been targeted. They even changed the thumbnail of the song. As you can see in the following image. 

hacked by Prosox
Despacito hacked by Prosox
hacked by Prosox
hacked by Prosox search result

• What will happen if the video got deleted ?

If you are thinking the same, don’t worry it’s not a big deal for you tube they can restore the video on any channel with the same number of views. So you tube can handle this situation very easily and it’s not a big deal at all. 

• Who hacked these songs ?

    It seems like a hacking team called Prosox have done this hacking. Here is the twitter page of this team, they edited the title of Selena Gomez song Marshmallow a little bit and added there twitter username there. 

hacked by Prosox
Prosox Twitter Account

Click here to check their twitter account.

Team Prosox have hacked various other famous songs on you tube and we have a long list of all the songs. You just have to search “hacked by Prosox” and you can also check out all the songs which has been hacked by Prosox. 

Here you go with screenshots that I have taken. May be you tube will remove all these video and restore them after they are all done with securities.

hacked by Prosox

This hacking team have just made this twitter account. They have posted couple of pictures indication NASA have a poor security and making fun of some celebrities. It seems like they are getting lots of followers every minute on twitter which simply means they are getting famous on internet. You can also follow us on twitter for daily updates.

So, that’s it for this article and I can’t guarantee you for 100% legit and correct information is given in this article but I will update ASAP.

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