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7 Cool ideas to prank your friends on this April fool 2018 – 1 April

All of us love to prank our friends and siblings on April fool specially. It’s like a trend, to prank your friends at least one time on the day of April fool but what will you do if are running out of ideas. Don’t worry just read this article and I will let you know some cool ideas to prank your friends/siblings on this April fool 2018 edition.

1. Happy Birthday prank

April Fool

 It’s kinda funny prank but you can try this one. If any of your friend is habitual of forgetting date all the time. You can take advantage of this. Like you just have to told him to wish any of your mutual friend and as soon he/she will wish your common friend, your friend will be pranked.

2. Prank You Crush 

April Fool


    You can give this very special gift to your crush, Am sure, she is going to like it. It looks like a ring but actually its a coffee mug, this product is specially for prank others and you can try it with your crush.

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3. April fool gifts

     There are lots of unique April fool gifts are available  on amazon. I have searched some of the very cool gifts for you guys, you can check them out.

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It includes Shock toys, mugs, plastic snake and many more. Click here to check them out.

4. Fake call prank

    April Fool Fake calls are always best way to make fool of your friends and siblings. You can call them as a lottery agent to tell about huge prize money that they have won, but this prank can not work on the April fool day, anyone can easily find. So do it before or after the April fool day.

5. Your crush has a boyfriend/girlfriend

 April Fool

                   All of us know about crush of our best friends and it’s quite common. Sometimes we even give advice to our friends, like – what to do or what will be your next step to impress your crush. So April fool week is best time to prank your friends. Just make a call to your friend and tell him about girlfriend/boyfriend of his crush. This could be pretty serious if your friend is serious but on the other hand this will be very hilarious prank.

6. Exam date announced

     Exam is something which nobody likes, specially students. All of us prepare for exams whole year, still we scared of it because it gives us pressure of scoring good marks. When finally we succeed to score good marks in exam, It gives lots of satisfaction to our parents, because they could show off our marks proudly in front of neighbors and relatives.

    So the prank idea is just announce the fake exam date in your group circle and prank all of your friends, but take care of yourself when your friends get to know about your exam prank.

7. Fake Timing

April Fool

    So this one is very specially prank, and I thing you can try this with your siblings only. Just you have to change the time on your wall clock (Home) and wait until your brother/sister see the timing on clock.
Like your brother’s tuition timing is 4:00 P.M and if you change the clock timing of 3:00 PM to 4:00PM, your brother could easily be pranked.

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So, guys these are some very cool idea to prank your friends.

I hope you liked reading it.

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