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Top Five Trusted Chinese Websites for shopping without worry : Techoob

Saaquib Neyazi
All of us know about Chinese products and these products are becoming very essential part of our life. The whole world is using Chinese products...
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Five Nokia 8 Sirocco features which makes it a best buy in 2018 – Techoob

Saaquib Neyazi
Nokia has launched its flagship phone Nokia 8 sirrocco along with Nokia 6 (2018) and Nokia 7plus in india and all of the three devices will...
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Reason to buy second-hand smartphone. Should I buy a second-hand smartphone!!

Saaquib Neyazi
Everyone likes to experience latest smartphone but not everyone can afford to pay for those latest and expensive smartphones. Second hand mobile phone is a...
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Difference between Giga-pixel and Mega-pixel.

Harshit Srivastava
Firstly lets talk about Pixels. The smallest unit of a display is called pixel. It is almost universally rectangular in shape. You can think of...
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