More than 200 banking apps of India are been attacked by an Android Malware.

Android Malware attacking banking apps all over the world


Major things to know:-

  • Android Malware –  Android app which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorized access                                    to a Android system.
  • Banking apps – Banking app is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its                                         customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device.
  • Name of that Malware –  In this case Malware’s name is Android.banker.A9480.

According to a virus analysis lab it is stated that an Android Trojan Malware ” Android.banker.A9480′ is attacking the banking apps in order to steel personal data including your banking information. It could be more harmful to you if your Android device is rooted.

this is said that already it has attacked over 200 banking apps all over the world including India.There is nothing but silence from android’s officials about this topic.

this app is not provided for download over Playstore and other major app-stores . so it could be only downloaded form an open source.

How it works:-

It is circulated all over the world with the name and the face “icon”  of Flash player application. As it is stated in the article above that it is not provided on Playstore it could only be downloaded form an open source websites or server .

But somehow users blindly install it and once it is installed in your device it will hide itself from the app drawer but this malicious app keeps working in the backstage  while checking for one of the 232 banking apps. Further, if it finds one  it sends fake notification that resembles the banking app. When users open the notification, they get a fake login window that is then used by the attackers to extract confidential data like login ID and password.

Now this app have some administrative privileges over your device so it can control your sending and receiving of messages.Hence, it will easily bypass that O.T.P authentication from bank.

Way to be secure:-

You can directly uninstall this app from you android device by using your application manager but searching for an application without an icon from tons of other apps could be so pathetic.But hey don’t panic if there are trillions of malware we have atleast millions of anti-malware to combat them. You can easily access one of them and treat your android device.

Recommendation from us :-

As this warning has came to us firstly by Quick Heal Labs. We will recommend you the Quick Heal Android application to prevent your Android device from such Malware attacks.

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