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  • HONOR Band 5 launched in China with AMOLED Display, New Watch Faces: Know more

    HONOR, the global leading smartphone, and smart bands e-brand announced the launch of HONOR Band 5 at a launch event in Xi’an, China. HONOR Band 5 is featuring some really important features that match current marketing features of smart band, such as  AMOLED touch screen, real-time heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, 10 sports modes, and NFC multi-scenario applications. According to IDC report data, Honor Band ranked No. 1 in the first quarter of 2019.

    HONOR is the first brand in China to bring AMOLED color screen to a band product in Honor Band 4. In 2018, HONOR realized the potential in colored screen smart bands and with the launch of color screens in HONOR Band 4, it revolutionized the smartwatch category from the black and white screen earlier. And, now the next-gen is here. The HONOR Band 5

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    Honor Band 5 Specification: 

    It has an AMOLED display and hence, has rich colors, higher brightness at lower power consumption. The 0.95-inch touch screen can display up to 45 Chinese characters. HONOR Band 5 has collaborated with the PP pig, Otter, Bunny Rabbit, and other IP partners in China to build a trendy and eye-catching theme for deals including a couple’s dial. The stylish design will enhance the fashion aesthetics and advanced technology will enrich the consumers’ experience.

    Honor Band 5 SpecificationHonor Band 5 Features: 

    • AMOLED color touch screen.
    • 24 hours of real-time accurate Pulse allows you to record every heartbeat.
    • Research Sleep Detection.
    • 50 meters waterproof, support the recognition of the position of swimming, recording your movement tracks every moment.
    • Heart Rate Measurement: Supports one heart rate measurement + continuous heart rate measurement
    • (Intelligent / real-time).
    • Storage: 384kb RAM + 1 MB ROM, 32 MB Flash + 8 m PSRAM.

    Honor Band 5 Heart Rate Sensor / BPM

    The accuracy of heart rate monitoring in HONOR Band 5 will be comparable to that of professional heart rate monitoring, with atrial fibrillation screening is as high as 97.8%. Developed by Huawei, the TruSeen3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring technology in HONOR Band 5 has passed the professional test of the National General Administration of Sports. The precision is guaranteed by professional tests, which is comparable to that of the professional heart rate band.

    Scientific sleep monitoring in HONOR Band 5 identifies the complete sleep structure and provides 200+ personalized improvement suggestions. The Honor Band 5 uses the HUAWEI TruSleep2.0 sleep detection technology, which provides personalized sleep quality assessment and gives suggestions for sound and healthy sleep to users.

    Honor Band 5 Motion Detection Function

    Honor Band 5 Specification

    The motion detection function of the HONOR Band 5 is more detailed according to different motion states in different motion scenarios, provides up to 10 sports modes (outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, swimming pool swimming, indoor walking, elliptical machine, and rowing machine), covering indoor and outdoor routine sports. The Honor Band 5 is equipped with a six-axis sensor, which provides professional data to help users exercise their own science and fitness.

    Extra Features

    In addition, HONOR Band 5 has multiple intelligent functions. The phone can be connected to the Huawei Health app through Bluetooth. The mobile phone information can be displayed in real-time, incoming calls are rejected or muted, your band can find your phone, and you can take photos by using the HONOR Band 5. For a lot of routine operations, you do not need to take out your phone but just lift your wrist and use the band.

    With intelligent algorithms and high-performance batteries, Honor Band 5 has a strong battery life of two weeks to ensure a better user experience. In terms of color matching, the Honor Band 5 provides four colors: Midnight blue, meteorite black, coral powder, and olive green.Honor Band 5 Specification

    Honor Band 5 Price

    The standard edition of Honor Band 5 is priced at CNY189, and the NFC version is CNY219. There are four colors: Midnight blue, meteorite black, coral powder, and olive green. The first sale of the Honor Band 5 standard edition will be launched on July 23 at 18:00. The NFC version will be launched at 10:08 on July 29, consumers can go to the online sales platforms such as Honor, Vmall, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Yi, Weiyi, Gome, and other online sales platforms.

    Honor Band 5 Price and Launch date in India

    The previous generation Honor Band 4 was launch in India at an unbeatable price tag of INR 2599 in India, which was featuring some of the really implacable features, now the Honor Band 5 is here and it features almost the same specification and design but there are some slight differences along with some added new features which can be a reason of price increment and it is expected that Honor Band 5 price in India will tease at INR 2999, and the launch date is yet to announce officially but sources say, Honor Band 5 launch Date in India is 9 September, meanwhile second week of September.


  • Everything you need to know about HONOR “SHARP TECH” Concept

    HONOR, a leading smartphone brand under Huawei Consumer Business Group announced “HONOR Vision” which introduces the “Honghu 818” intelligent chipset and smart pop-up camera for large screens. The announcement was made today at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Guangzhou, where Mr. George Zhao, President of HONOR delivered a keynote speech.  Alongside the launch of the two new technologies was the announcement of HONOR’s new “Sharp Tech” concept, which aims to embrace and explore to the fullest the latest cutting-edge technologies.

     “5G commercialization in China began in 2019, which is also a turning point for the smart device industry. We believe 5G is key to this new era of digitalization, enabling a world where the Internet of Things is made possible. In line with our mission of creating an intelligent new world that belongs to young people, HONOR unveils the concept of ‘Sharp Tech’ to encourage and enable technology innovation,” said Mr. George Zhao, President of HONOR.

    Sharp Tech – HONOR’s Brand-new Concept in Technology Innovation

    HONOR is dedicated to becoming a tech brand loved by global youth. “Sharp” represents the spirit of exploration among young people, while the concept of “Sharp Tech” highlights HONOR’sdesire to explore the joy of technology innovation.

    During the keynote, Mr. Zhao defined the elements of “Sharp Tech” as:

    • Being at the forefront of the development of the industry with the independent innovation of core technology.
    • Meeting the high-quality demands of young consumers worldwide.
    • Reflecting the brave attitude of young people by continually challenging and exploring.
    • Representing the spirit of a decentralized internet through openness, collaboration, and co-creation.

    “Honghu 818” Intelligent Chipset – Empowering HONOR Vision with Smart Sound and Image

    During GMIC, HONOR also unveiled the intelligent display chipset, “Honghu 818”, HONOR’s latest “Sharp Tech” innovation and the most recent addition to the Hisilicon chipset family. Launching in August, HONOR’s “Honghu 818” enabled the smart screen to deliver outstanding performance and superior image and sound quality. The cutting-edge screen will also be provided openly to manufacturers, driving the development of the large-screen sector industry.honor vision

    1. The “Honghu 818” is the first intelligent display SoC available globally, building upon the company’s 5-year accumulation in research and development of Hisilicon chipset.
    2. With its powerful display technology and processing capability, “Honghu 818” carries a magic image-processing engine. Equipped with seven advanced image-processing technologies, including Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC), High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), Super-Resolution (SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Dynamic Contrast Improvement (DCI), Auto Color Management (ACM) and Local Dimming (LD), the “Honghu 818” chipset enhances and optimizes image resolution, contrast and color performance of the display through multiple algorithms.
    3. Histen audio technology optimizes sound quality in areas of the ultra-wide sound field, transient intermodulation distortion, sound equalization, and intelligent bass. With its industry-leading hardware, the product continues to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.
    4. Housing a powerful multimedia decoder, the chipset supports video decoding from 8K30 frames to 4K120 frames, with the ability to decode 64-megapixel images, which is greater than the highest pixel of smartphone photos in the market. In comparison to our competitors, it gives devices a faster load time for videos and pictures.
    5. The octa-core processor can handle heavy-image processing on large screens and multiple tasks at the same time. Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC) is also capable of delivering high-resolution images, the best quality of audio and performing far-field voice interaction simultaneously. The processor’s bandwidth utilization rate leads the industry by over 50% on average.

    Smart Pop-up Camera – A New Experience for HONOR Vision

    honor vision
    Pop-Up Camera

    HONOR has been playing a pioneering role under the dual-brand strategy in Huawei’s business. Following the success of its bionic parallel dual-lens camera, GPU Turbo and A.I. technology, HONOR is expanding into new industries and lending its experience to the television sector, announcing the world’s first smart screen, “Honghu 818” enabled. Taking an innovative approach to its development, HONOR has equipped the latest HONOR Vision product offering with a smart pop-up camera, which enables NPU capability for face recognition, bringing powerful functions and a superior experience for users.

    ~Press Release

  • HONOR sets quality standards benchmark with phone reliability test 3.2

    HONOR, the leading smartphone e-brand, has set a new benchmark, when it comes to quality testing, through the phone reliability test standard 3.2. The reliability tests, devised by HONOR, sub-brand of Huawei, ensure rigorous testing standards to ensure comprehensive product quality. The recently launched HONOR 20 series are the latest devices to have undergone this testing standard to ensure that the final product meets the quality standards

    To pass the criterion for the reliability test standard 3.2, the HONOR smartphones are tested and undergo multiple durability tests which includes

    • 10,000 times for switching the device on and off
    • 1,00,000 times for repeated stand-by and wake-up mode
    • 20,000 times for the power button
    • 50,000 times for the volume button

    In addition, the HONOR smartphones undergo multiple pressure and temperature tests to ensure they function optimally, even in the most drastic conditions. Ensuring consistent quality in its products, HONOR rejects an entire lot of smartphones even if there is one faulty piece in the bunch.

    • USB plug durability which is tested 10,000 times
    • Headphone plug durability which is tested 5,000 times
    • Fingerprint click durability which is tested 2,00,000 times
    • Touch screen click durability which is tested 8,00,000 times

    Ever since its inception, HONOR has been a one-stop solution in providing excellent quality, cutting-edge technology, industry-first innovations in its smartphones and best-in-class after-sales services. According to 91Mobiles’ consumer Insights report, HONOR stood out as the brand with least service issues with just 12.6% users reporting a visit to the service center to get the device related issues fixed.HONOR invests close to 15% of the total sales revenue generated in R&D alongside strong technical expertise in the group of 16 global R&D centers and 36 joint venture R&D centers. The brand’s global investment has gone up to USD 71.5 billion in the recent decade with USD 14.8 billion invested in 2018. HONOR’s R&D department comprises of a total of 79000 employees, globally.

  • Honor 20 is coming with Triple Camera Setup with Kirin 980: Know more

    According to some twitter leakers from China, the Honor 20 is on its way with the same Triple Camera setup of Honor View 20 main camera of 48 MP with a 20 MP shooter possibly an ultra-wide angle and an 8 MP possibly 3x telephoto but not confirmed. and a 6.1 inch OLED display. The fingerprint is not visible on the back so most probably the device will use an In-Display fingerprint scanner. The device also has a 32 MP selfie shooter but the position is unknown.

    Honor 20 Specification

    The processor uses Kirin 980 to support screen fingerprints. There are also Gaming+, Link Turbo, CPU Turbo, GPU Turbo, AI dual-frequency GPS, headphone jack and stand-alone HiFi chip. These contents are very close to the Honor V20. On the battery life, Honor 20 uses a 3650mAh battery to support 22.5W fast charge.

    Honor 20 Leaked Specification

    Honor 20 is using Kirin 980 to support screen fingerprints. There are also Gaming+, Link Turbo, CPU Turbo, GPU Turbo, AI dual-frequency GPS, headphone jack and stand-alone HiFi chip. These contents are very close to the Honor V20. On the battery life, Honor 20 uses a 3650mAh battery to support 22.5W fast charge.

    A few days earlier we got new leaks confirming the specifications of the upcoming global flagship of honor possibly the Honor 20. The phone packs all the flagship grade features including top-notch camera, performance, premium materials and the finally an OLED display with very aggressive pricing as per the leaks. We also have a leaked render of the back of the device in which we can see a triple camera setup with branding and nothing else. And as you all know, it’s the era of bezel-less displays thus there is no possibility to have a front mounted physical fingerprint scanner. Therefore the only possibility I can see for honor 20 is to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner.

    Now the fact here I would like to mention is having an OLED panel all of a sudden in the next device of Honor is working as a confirmation for me for this device to feature an in display fingerprint scanner.

    When we talk about innovation, technology is the first thing to come in our minds and then smartphones. In less than a decade we are keeping our all personal data in our smartphones and are relying on them more than any other device for various purposes. And in terms of security from 4 digit pin to making your own face your password we all have moved on. And just as we were thinking that it couldn’t get better, we have another new innovation which is taking over the tech world quicker than ever, the In-Display fingerprint scanner.

    How does an In Display fingerprint scanner works in Honor 20?

    An in-display fingerprint sensor uses an optical fingerprint sensor to capture the fingerprint data and is embedded under the phone’s screen. Since we all know OLED displays have advantages to produce clear blacks by activating the only specific LED pixels at the certain areas of the display to show what is required, similarly when you touch the area above the fingerprint sensor the LED pixels light up producing light at that specific area.

    That area needs to light up as the in-display fingerprint scanner works by capturing the reflected light of the fingerprint through the OLED pixels. So, when you touch the phone’s screen, the display lights up to illuminate the fingerprint.

    The sensor then captures a high-res scan of your fingerprint through the light reflected from the gaps between the pixels. The fingerprint matching is done through software and there are few manufacturers who manufacture the sensor. Its more like capturing the image of your fingerprint and matching it with the one saved in the memory of the device and since we all know for clear images we need to have light, therefore, these in-display fingerprint sensors work only with OLED/AMOLED panels as they’re easy to assemble and function with them.

  • YouTube Signature Device List now includes Honor View 20, Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

    YouTube is the world’s most popular platform to stream videos and it has got tons of unknown features which can’t be experienced on every smartphone. Thus YouTube made a list of handpicked smartphones as YouTube signature devices which are capable of playing videos with all the features of YouTube and can provide the best possible YouTube experience.

    These features include:

    • Support of a high dynamic range
    • Support of high frame rate
    • Offer reliable DRM performance
    • Support for 4K decoding
    • Using next-generation video codecs

    These devices distinguished is the list are very premium and powerful, currently, this list includes all the flagship devices from big manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, etc including Google’s pixel devices too. Recently YouTube adds Huawei’s latest flagship Huawei P30 and P30 Pro in the list with Honor View 20 as well. Honor View 20 is the company’s first phone to get featured in this list. however, this list does not have any iPhone included which is strange.

    The Honor View 20 packs a 6.4-inch Full HD+ Hole-Punch display for immersive full view experience coupled with HiSilicon Kirin 980 chip to perform exceptionally. Honor View 20 is currently the flagship device of Honor Smartphones and it is great to see the device in this list with other devices having a huge price difference but not so much of performance difference whereas Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are high-end devices sporting OLED and Curved OLED displays.

  • Honor 10 Lite Review : First Impression & Hands on

    Honor India finally launched it’s the successor of Honor 9 Lite in India, in terms of improvement, Honor completely changed the Honor 10 Lite from its last successor. The Highlighting features of Honor 10 Lite is the 24 MP AI Enabled selfie camera, and the beautiful gradient design. So, this article is all about Honor 10 Lite Review after the first impression.

    Honor 10 Lite Features 

    • 24MP AI Selfie Camera
    • Kirin 710 Processor
    • EMUI 9.0 with Android 9.0 Pie
    • Dewdrop Notch Display with 91% Screen-to-body ratio
    • Three Colors Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue, and Midnight Black


    Honor 10 Lite Specification 

     Starting with the basic on-paper specification of Honor 10 Lite. It Packed with 24MP AI Selfie camera, an innovative dewdrop display and a shimmering color gradient back, the Honor 10 Lite is as stylish as durable, it feels really premium and durable in hand. Honor claims its display is one of the best and most rigid displays of all time. As they released some videos, showing the display can handle very tough durability test.

    The Honor 10 Lite comes with an impressive 24MP AI selfie camera, AI scene detection technology on both rear and front cameras, latest Kirin 710 processor with 12nm process technology, Dewdrop Display, first Honor phone with Intelligent EMUI 9.0 on top of Android 9 (Pie) out of the box and 3,400 mAh battery.

    Honor 10 Lite Price in India

    The smartphone will be available in 4GB + 64GB at INR 13,999 and 6GB + 64GB at INR 17,999 in Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue and Midnight Black colors in India. The smartphone will be exclusively available on Flipkart.

    Smart Camera Features

    Previously, we have seen great photography technology used in Honor devices, and the Honor 10 lite is pushing the boundaries even further. The AI camera can recognize eight different scenes (Sky, Beach, Plant, Flower, Stage, Night, Room and Snow) and adjust camera settings to click best ever selfies. The front camera also features AI based facial recognition and light fusion technology, ensuring you always look your best in every scenario and light condition.

    Dual Rear AI Camera is capable of detecting 22 different scenes to give best ever photographs in every scenario and condition. Low light photography is enhanced by its big f1.8 aperture and AIS mode which enables it to capture beautiful and detailed shots even in low light conditions.


    The Honor 10 Lite’s rear design is made from eight layers of shimmering material for a dazzling visual effect. Inspired by the lights and colors of its surroundings, the Honor 10 Lite’s vibrant gradient color choices include the newly introduced Sky Blue, which has a luminescent gradient effect that fades from light grey to blue, inspired by the natural light spectrum, as well as the classic Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black.  It completely feels premium, Holding the phone gives you a perfect fit, because of the Uni-body design and slim body.

    To complement the range of captivating colors, the Honor 10 Lite also offers a 15.77cm (6.21”) FHD+ screen Dewdrop Display, with a 91% screen-to-body ratio for the best viewing experience. Honor 10 Lite also comes with TUV certified eye care mode to prevent your eye with any damage due to harmful blue light.


    Honor 10 Lite is Powered by the Huawei Kirin 710 chipset, and the 4GB & 6GB RAM is an LPDDR4X RAM, which is responsible for fast & improved performance without any kind of lag in multitasking. This is the first Honor phone to have GPU Turbo 2.0 which keeps FPS at max(~60FPS), reduces lagging and frame drops giving an immersive gaming experience to users.

    EMUI 9.0 based on Android Pie

    Honor 10 Lite is the first Honor phone to have the latest EMUI 9.0 based on Android 9 (pie) out of the box which gives a unique and refreshing new feel to its users. With its new features like Digital wellbeing, Gestures, Themes user can have the best ever UI experience.

    Extra Features

    • AI Shopping: Shop what you see with Intelligent AI shopping experience on various shopping e-commerce platforms in India.
    • Calorie Detection: Detect calories in food items just by looking them through the camera.
    • AI Enhanced calls: AI noise reduction accurately recognizes noise and suppresses it
    • Wi-Fi Bridge: Now you can share any Wi-Fi network as a hotspot and connect maximum 4 devices
    • Paytm Pay: One click pay option for Paytm users
    • App Assistant: Enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience
    • Dual VoLTE: You can access internet from 1 sim, while you are having a phone call with the other sim
    • AI Smart Face Unlock: Lock Screen with Privacy Protection – By face recognition, only the phone owner can see more details
    • Smart Fingerprint: Apart from unlocking the phone, you can use it from taking photos & videos, answer the call, stop the alarm, show notification panel & browse photos
    • Smart Triple Bluetooth Connection: Connect 3 devices – Like Bluetooth headset & SmartWatch
    • Ride Mode: Especially for bike rider safety & Keep them away from the unwanted distraction of call
    • Party Mode: Connect up to 6 Honor devices and play your favorite song in all the device at the same time

    honor 10 liteConclusion: 

    At the pricing of INR 13,999, the smaller variant of 4GB+64GB is totally worth, it’s offering great design, better build quality, AI Engine camera, Impressive selfie, and Unbeatable performance with Kirin 710, and LPDDR4X RAM. But, another variant of 6GB+64GB seems a bit overpriced, and honor is charging extra 1000 bucks here. That’s all for the honor 10 lite Review. Share your option in comment section below.

    Honor 10 Lite Review

    Design and Build - 10
    Selfie Camera - 8
    Rear Camera - 8.5
    Display - 8
    Battery - 7
    Android OS & UI - 9


    The Highlighting features of Honor 10 Lite is the 24 MP AI Enabled selfie camera, and the beautiful gradient design. So, this article is all about Honor 10 Lite Review after the first impression.

    User Rating: 3.78 ( 2 votes)

  • Honor Band 4 vs Mi Band 3 : Best Fitness Band in India

    Honor Finally Unveiled it’s Honor Band 4 in India, and No Doubt this band got all the features that a Normal Fitness freak or even a normal user is looking for. Reference, to my previous story on Honor Band 4, it’s a perfect accessory for style segment too.

    In terms of Bands, our India Market has not a certain competition at all, because only Honor and Xiaomi is providing quality bands which is value for money and famous among users. Currently, Mi Band 3 is grabbing all the attention, but Honor Band 4 have some potential to grab all the fame. So, in this Article I will be comparing Honor Band 4 with Mi Band 3, so you can have a brief idea. Which one is better and worth choice?


    Highlighting Features Honor Band 4 Mi Band 3
    Display 0.95 inch OLED (AMOLED) 0.78 inch OLED
    Waterproof Yes (Up to 50m) Yes (Up to 50m)
    Battery 100 mAh 110 mAh
    Compatible Android 4.4+ / iOS 9.0+ Android 5.0+ / iOS 9.0+
    Colour Black, Blue, White, Sky, Pink Black
    Work-Time 14 Days 20 Days
    Material Silica Plastic

    Honor Band 4 is New Generation Fitness Band

    On a specific basis, Honor Band 4 is featuring some noticeable functions that make it a perfect band. It is modern and stylish, it got some funky cool design. Not only the design, but the useful features are quite good here. Which can enhance your experience with its Intelligent features. Starting with the Display, It has a 0.95 AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, which is a colored display. It also features different Clock Face, that you can customize as per your mood. Whereas Mi Band 3 is not an AMOLED and Full Touch Screen Display. Even the display is smaller, Due to lack of AMOLED feature, it can be a bottleneck to use under the bright sunny day. Even the Display is not color, so users who are looking for a fun and stylish fitness Band they have to think twice before going with Mi Band 3. But, the Honor Band 4 can be their one-way destination for buying a fitness band.

    For the protection, Honor is providing 2.5D Curved glass also. So, your Honor Band 4 won’t be a scratch magnet anymore. On the other hand, Xiaomi has not announced any protection layer for Mi Band 3, So you have to use a screen protector on Mi Band 3 to avoid Scratches.

    In terms of the Accuracy of Heart Rate, Sleep Time, Step Tracking, Running and other activity. Honor Band 4 is more reliable because It is officially certified by Centre for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) at Harvard Medical School. Also, Honor Band 4 provide Advice on many sleeping issues, such as insomnia, light and deep sleep, excessive dreaming and irregular sleeping habits. On the other hand, Mi Band 3 has not any certification of accurate tracker results, and on the note of Advice, Mi Band 3 provides some basic advice based on coding, which is indeed helpful for a user, but the number of suggestions and Advice from Honor Band 4 is more health conscious and medically important to keep you healthy.

    So, these are some of the reasons where Honor Band 4 is more advanced and grabbing my attention at first impressions. Now, Let’s take a look at the comparison with respect to Specifications.

    Honor Band 4 Vs Mi Band 3

    Design and Build Quality:

    Both the bands are an upgraded version to their previous version. Both the band bought a few changes in Design, and build quality in respect to the previous version of the band. The Design of  Honor Band 4 having the same rubberized silica material strap, but it feels more premium now, because of the bigger and Colour AMOLED Display. On the other hand, Mi Band 3 is featuring the same It is more comfortable and featuring bigger display than previous Mi Band 2. The Strap fits much better now.

    The Looks of both the strap is quite similar to the previous version, but the Honor Band 4 looks better, because of the colorful straps. Also, you got an awesome color selection with Honor Band 4 ( Colours – Black, Blue, White, Sky, Pink). Mi band 3 is coming with only black color.


    Honor Band 4 

    1. Call: Remind/Refuse,
    2. Pulse: Continual pulse heart rate monitor Real-time 1 second, Night Sleep Care Infrared Detect Mode
    3. Message/APP: Remind/Show message, customize apps permission
    4. Sport: Time, Calories, Steps, Distance, Pace, Even Recognize Swimming Posture
    5. Alarm: Smart vibration, Event notification
    6. Sleep: Auto track, Professional Multi-Pattern such as a snap, TruSleep by CDB, Harvard
    7. Convenience: Lift wrist to show, sedentary alarm, Find cell phone, timer, stopwatch, brightness etc.
    8. Swimmable: 5ATM(Swim or Shower in not-hot water), show swimming time and calories.
    9. Sensors: 6-Axis Inertial Sensor, Separate PPG Sensor, Infrared Detect Sensor.

    Mi Band 3

    1. Call: Caller ID/reject instant
    2. Pulse: Heart rate monitoring
    3. Message: Message display, Notification display (Instagram, We chat, Whatsapp)
    4. Sport: Automatic step counter, Check calorie consumption, Target setting
    5. Alarm: Vibrating alarm clock, Event notification
    6. Sleep: Sleep Monitoring
    7. Convenience: Lift the wrist light screen Gesture, Do not disturb mode, Unlocks mobile, Find cell phone
    8. Swimmable: 5ATM(Swim or Shower in not-hot water), show swimming time and calories
    9. Sensor: Triaxial acceleration sensor, PPG heart rate sensor

    Size and Dimensions –

    The Honor band 4 is 23gramd in weight, and the Main Body is 43mm x 17.2mm x 11.5m, and on the another side, Mi Band 3 is 20 grams in weight, and the Main Body is 17.9×46.9x12mm in Dimensions.


    In terms of Battery, the fitness band makers are still surviving to provide a good healthy battery which can last long up to months, but the reality is something different. The Honor Band 4 is coming with 100 mAh battery, which can last long 14 Days maximum, AND The Mi Band 3 is featuring a bigger battery of 110 mAh, which can last long 20 Days maximum. So, in terms of battery Mi Band 3 is the clear winner, but the thing is Honor Band 4 is running a Colour and Bigger display, also it does feature more intelligent tracking features. Which indirectly impacts on the battery life of approx a week lesser than Mi Band 3.


  • Honor Play launched – Equally Snapdragon 845 Grade processor at 20000

    Honor, the sub-brand of Huawei, today launched its most anticipated and eagerly awaited high-performance device – Honor Play that aims to deliver maximum performance at a phenomenal rate. The Honor Play is equipped with the flagship Kirin 970 AI processor, with “Neural Processing Unit” (NPU) that specializes in the acceleration of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to perform AI tasks. The stunning Honor Play will set the benchmark for exceptional graphics and user experience with the ingenious GPU Turbo Technology.

    The Honor Play will be exclusively available on Amazon, from 6th August 2018 from 4:00 PM onwards. There will be extra savings on Axis Card EMI. Vodafone will provide an additional 120 GB of free data for a period of 12 months to the customers buying the Honor Play. Prepaid customers will be required to recharge with Rs. 199 or above to be entitled to the offer. At the same time, post-paid customers will also get 10GB free data extra for 12 months on any Vodafone RED plan starting Rs. 399. Additionally, Vodafone postpaid customers will get 1 year Amazon Prime at no additional cost, only on Vodafone RED Postpaid plans (rental Rs. 399 or higher).

    Honor is expanding its influence globally as well as in India. The honor will keep surprising and delight the young generation with its stylish design, superior performance, and unique features, setting new trends and redefining accessibility. The launch of Honor Play marks the beginning of innovative technology with Kirin 970 and AI technology, making consumers shift from smartphones to “Intelligent phones”. Marked as a true performance device, the Honor Play will be the most affordable performance device with flagship specs available to the Indian consumer. We hope that our young audience appreciates the capabilities of the Honor Play and support our efforts in making this Crazy Fast & Crazy Smart experience a success in India”honor play


    Crazy Fast Performance with GPU Turbo GPU Turbo is able to accelerate performance by optimizing the software and hardware resources. With GPU Turbo, graphics processing efficiency is improved by up to 60 percent while overall SoC power consumption is saved by 30 percent. This is beneficial since graphically demanding operations typically consume battery quickly.

    • Play harder: GPU efficiency is increased by 60%, and the single frame SoC energy consumption is reduced by 30% – a remarkable improvement over other performance and gaming phones. • Play smoother: GPU Turbo reduces the jitter rate by maintaining the optimum FPS of the mobile device for a smoother, more comfortable performance Crazy Smart Experience The gaming experience is AI-enabled for total immersion. This 4D gaming experience includes not only graphics and 3D audio effects, but AI vibration customized games and matched to in-game objects and scenarios.
    • AI 4D Smart Shock The AI real-time image and audio recognition are enabled for 30 different scenarios 10 different vibrations, according to the direction of approaching enemies or gunfire, and users will even feel the kickback as you pull the trigger.
    • AI-3D surround soundListenn 3D audio technology offers an ultra-wide 3D sound field for users. This virtual surround sound offers a cinematic experience with four modes: near, front, wide and grand. This is supported by both wire earphones and headphones with 3D stereo effect.
    • AI boost Honor Play is one of the smartest mid-range phones on the market, offering an exceptional performance for work or play. Casual users will get just as much fun from this device as garners, thanks to the Kirin 970 NPU.


    Dual Rear Camera with AI Technology The Honor Play is equipped with 16MP+2MP Dual rear camera backed with AI technology to convert regular photos in professional photography. The “Smart technology” can auto-identify scene types and adjust the camera settings accordingly. To give a perfect image Honor’s AI Camera technology adjusts the exposure and color accordingly, the technology recognizes 22 objects real-time and 500+ scenarios in real time, and the AI motion detection makes snapshots easier with better stability. Moreover, the AI Motion Detection, EIS, and the AI Image Stabilization function enables you to capture every moment as you please.honor play

    AI Features  

    Smart gallery The enhanced smart gallery intelligently identifies the characters and scenes in your photos and creates a tag for each group. You can also search for photos using keywords. Photos in the smart gallery can be grouped and generated into music videos with pre-installed music, and you can even add AR gestures, make-up and backgrounds to your photos from a range of applications.

    360-Degree Ultra-fast face unlocks The front camera detects the user’s face instantly, whether you hold your phone In landscape, portrait or at any angle.


    A Design for work or play The Honor Play’s slim and subtle unibody with a metal design is available in two textured colors: Midnight Black and Navy Blue

    At the back, the Honor Play comes with a fingerprint scanner that sits at the center of the smartphone. The left side of the phone has the hybrid-SIM slot, the volume rocker and the power button is placed on the right. Honor has also included a 3.5mm headphone jack which is at the bottom of the handset along with USB Type-C charging port, microphone, and speaker grille.


    Notch FullView Display Honor Play is equipped with 16.0cm FullView HD + (1080×2340 pixels) with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio bezel-less Notch display that 89% screen-to-body ratio. Additional, the split screen function for multitasking will allow users to do much more with screen time.


    More Battery Time Cutting-edge technology often affects the phone’s efficiency or drain its battery. However, Honor Play is the exception to the rule. The huge 3,750mAh battery allows for heavy gaming and entertainment use and gives a usage of 1.5 days. The Ultra Power Saving Mode brought by Honor’s power-saving technology allows users to enjoy a full season of their favorite TV series on just one charge.


    Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.2 Honor play come with EMUI 8.2 based on Android 8.1 to unleash amazing processing power and reduce any disruptions due to rendering and lagging. Smart optimization and file management features prevent the degradation of Android performance over time. The Honor Play features 100% faster app startup and intelligent awareness learning, meaning your phone will optimize itself for high performance. The Honor Play will be available in two variants: 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM variant and the•6GB RAM & 64GB ROM variant


    Price and Availability The Honor Play with GPU Turbo and AI technology is available at a price of INR 19,999 for 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM variant, the 6GB RAM & 64GB ROM variant available at a price of INR 23,999

    The Honor Play will be available in two color variants — Midnight Black and Navy Blue. The Honor Play will be available on e-commerce platform Amazon from 6th August 2018, 4 PM onwards


    Talking about our first impressions review, Honor Play is a great device under the price segment of 20,000 rupees. Today we are seeing lots of smartphone under this price segment, but the Honor Play having its own image and classification. This phone is coming with Kirn 970 which is the latest and fastest processor from the home of Honor, and with the support of GPU Turbo and AI-Gaming users will definitely love the phone and its performance. In the department of a camera, Honor play seems to be a good phone with its AI Camera and many features.honor play

    General Information

    • Thickness – 7.48mm
    • Weight – 176 g
    • Material – Metal
    • Battery – 3750mAh (3.0 Fast Charger)
    • Colors – Midnight Black & Navy Blue
    • In The Box – 1-Handset, 1-Charger, 1USB Cable, 1Eject tool, 1 TPU Protective Case
  • Honor 9N Lauched with Stunning design and Notch Display, Starting with INR 11,999

    Today, Honor Launched it’s all new and very beautiful Honor 9N. This phone is coming with a Notch display and very beautiful color options. The sub-brand of Huawei, Honor is performing quite good in Indian Smartphone world from last year, This performance puts Honor into the top 5 Smartphone brands of India. With the launch of Honor 9N, the brand is looking forward to sharing the experience of the Full View Display with its users.  So let’s have a look at our first impression review of the stunning looking Honor 9N.

    Honor 7N

    honor 9n flipkart

    Honor 9N Price –

    The Honor 9N will available in three different variants INR 11,999 for 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM, INR 13,999 for 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM, and 4GB RAM & 128GB ROM variant will available at INR 17,999. Honor 9N price is acceptable because, at this pricing, Honor has a lot to offer its consumers. At this pricing, Honor 9N has the competitor like Asus Zenfone Max Pro (Full Review), Realme 1 and Redmi Note 5 Pro.

    Display –Honor 9N

    Honor 9N is featuring a large display of 14.84cm, it’s a Full HD+ display with the resolution of 2280x1080P, and coming with the aspect ratio of 19:9, Honor is trying to provide you a Full View Display with least bezels, and seem like they had successfully done it. Just the chin of Honor 9N is taking a little bit space on the front panel, still, you are getting 79% screen to body ratio with minimum experience bezels. The looks of the phone are very premium and it looks like a fine art crafted with very smooth hands. At this price point, the phone has unmatched competition with the design.

    Build Quality –Honor 9N

    Honor 9N is build of 12 Layer Glass Coating and very preciously crafted, the glass back is giving a very premium and mirror-like finish to the device. That’s why the device is very glossy and stylish. On the front, it features 2.5D Curved glass for the protection of your display. Its build and design is seriously matching its campaign #BeautyAllAround

    Camera –

    honor 9n
    Honor 9N Camera Interface

    The Honor 9N is a camera-centric device, and during my first impression, I found the camera was performing really good, and I was so much impressed with the results. On the specification note, this smartphone is featuring a dual rear camera with 13MP+2MP camera sensors. The Dual camera is featuring fast focusing technology (PDAF), Bokeh Effect, HDR, Panorama, and Professional mode which will help you to take pictures just like a professional.Honor 9N

    On the front, the Honor 9N is featuring stunning 16MP selfie camera, that allows you to take selfies even in low lighting condition. During my hands-on test, the selfie camera has performed really well. This selfie camera is equipped with the portrait mode, which is an optimized bokeh option with intelligent features, that can identify the face of the user in the image and create an accurate bokeh effect. Further, it does support the intelligent beautification mode too, especially for selfie lovers.

    Extra Camera Features

    • Slow Motion
    • Time Lapse
    • Change Background
    • Professional Mode
    • Filters

    Performance –

    The Honor 9N is equipped with Kirin 659 Processor, which is based on Octa-core processor 4×2.36 GHz & 4×1.76 GHz clock speed with Cortex-A53 Processor. This processor is good for mid-range phones and you can expect a good performance here, also the EMUI 8.0 can help you to manage back-end applications, which can slightly improve your user experience. This processor has the ability to deliver you high-end mobile gaming experience, but I will recommend playing on medium graphics for a better experience.

    Honor 9N price

    Now, the best part of Honor 9N is its i5 Co-processor for the small yet important task such as GPS, step counting, distance measurement and other informational features without activating primary processor, this technology can help you in long run. It also helps device, not to heat. For the long-lasting performance, Honor 9N has 3000mAh battery, now the battery is always been a weak part of Honor, but here you can expect full one-day battery life on normal usage.

    Extra Features-

    Honor 9N
    Notch Hide Option
    • Finger Print Sensor (Rear mounted)
    • Face Unlock
    • 3.5mm Jack
    • Know About extra features of the Honor 9N, which will bring some amazing chances into your mobile experience. I really loved these features.

    Buy Now –

    The Honor 9N will come in four different beautiful colors. Sapphire Blue, Lavender Purple, Robin Egg Blue and Midnight Black. All the color looks totally stunning, girls can pick any of them, for boys, I will recommend black and blue. 9N will available to buy on Flipkart from 31st July at 12noon onwards. You can avail INR 2200 cashback, 100GB Additional Data and 1200 Myntra Voucher from Jio Telecom. Visit here to know more…

  • Honor 7A launched in India with dual camera, Check Specification and price

    Honor India, launched its Honor 7A and Honor 7C today in New Delhi. The phone is going to be a new budget segment phone in India. It seems like honor is doing some hard work to keep its name in the market.honor 7a

    In this article, I will talk about Honor 7A.

    Specification –

    Talking about the specification of Honor 7A. It will feature 5.7inche of a HD+ display with the resolution of 720X1440 pixels with 2.5D curved glass. The phone will give you a decent performance with it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor with Adreno 505 GPU.
    It is powered by 1.5GHz Octa-Core
    For the RAM and Internal storage, the phone will feature 2GB/3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage and expandable memory up to 256GB with microSD.

    honor 7aThe phone is a camera-centric phone and it has dual rear camera setup which includes a 13-megapixel primary sensor with LED Flash and a secondary 2-megapixel sensor.  For the selfie camera, it has 8MP
    In its front lies an 8-megapixel camera for selfies and video calls with LED flash, f/2.0 aperture. Besides, a fingerprint scanner also lies on its back panel just below the camera setup.

    Talking about the operating system, the smartphone runs on Android 8.0 Oreo operating system and has the Huawei Emotion UI 8.0 (EMUI) user interface.

    It is backed up by a 3000 mAh non-removable battery and honor claims that it has the best optimization to run up to 7hrs. The handset measures 152.4 x 73 x 7.8 mm and weighs around 150 grams.

    Extra feature –

    honor 7a honor 7a

    • Face unlock with fingerprint sensor 4.0, with 0.3seconds
    • Blue, Black, and Gold color
    • Part Mode – supports up to 9 devices to play music at the same time with 3D sound effect.

    Price –

    • Honor 7A – Rs. 8,999 – 3GB + 32 GB
    • Honor 7C – Rs. 9,999 – 3GB + 32GB
    • Honor 7C – Rs. 11,999 – 4GB + 64GB


    Read More –

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